1st July 2024 Mr Mani Menon & Beena

 Hello, today I posted an abstract of art by Mani. He did the work in ink. Despite the title, ‘Abstract’, which signifies the artist’s departure from literal representation, I see elements that evoke a sense of nature and life. I see trees, especially the coconut palm fronds, with the waves in the sea, rooftops of many houses, condos, and the moon in different phases. I see mountains, stormy skies and the bright red sun. I see a female eye watching, or maybe a male eye.

 The art captures the essence of our lives in a world often filled with chaos. Yet, it’s not a bleak portrayal. I see hope in this art. The sun will rise, the rains will nourish the land, and new life will emerge. The mountains will stand firm, and people will find joy in their homes, be it high or low rise. This is a celebration of resilience and the human spirit.


I hope to read your thoughts or comments. Thank you for your continued support🙏.




10 thoughts on “ABSTRACT

  1. A very well written piece on this piece of abstract art. I love his painting and your interpretations Beena.

    1. Thanks Jen for your valuable comment. I know technology is hard to comprehend. But we can appreciate abstract art, right;)

      1. Hi Mani

        I am very delighted to write my thoughts on art, though it may not be what the artist thought while painting.:)

  2. The anstract art work is so well executed and balanced..makes the viewer find hidden images that evoke familiar images and meanings beyond perhaps what the artist intended..While a majority of the art work is in black and white..the red circle and a small dot at the bottom.. brings an additional vibrancy to the image.

    Beena, your interpretation is so well worded and does make the viewer observe the art work more closely.

    However, each viewer may interpret in their own way and that’s the beauty of abstract art.

    1. Hi Suchi,

      Thats the reason I wrote what I saw n asked Mani if he did it with any intent, ;).
      I hope you can write what you saw:).



  3. A lovely piece of abstract accompanied by a lovely interpretation.

    The big red circle represents the sun providing sustenance, source of energy to the many flora and fauna in the picture. And I see emotions too captured in the abstract. It may seem chaotic to some but to me, it’s a perfect expression of what life is. It may feel chaotic at times, yet ‘things’ have their own place, not too much, not too little… just enough to provide a balance in this journey that we call life…

    1. Thanks Yuwana for your intepretation. Am glad that abstract art has a place in the art world. It lets our imagination run free.:)


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