Heavy Head Girl

6th July 2022 Mrs Annie Teo


Some time ago, Dr Beena shared her personal experience of being introduced to Cubism and Picasso (Finding Beenasso – 6th May 2022). I attend art classes at the same school as Dr.Beena. I had to paint my self-portrait in Cubism style, and I must confess that the memory of that compartmented and dismantled head and face of mine left me quite disturbed.

In fact, I have always found Cubism art unpleasantly disturbing or let me simply say that I do not like it. But then again, how can I “simply say” I do not like the works of perhaps the most famous artist in the world: Pablo Picasso and with him the likes of Georges Braque, Henri Fauconnier and Fernand Leger? Somewhere, something did not fit with my rejection. Hence. I started to look a bit deeper into their work (thank you Google!).


What did I find out? That everything is not so square at all with the Cubism Art Movement. In fact, I did fall in love with a few of Picasso’s and Fauconnier’s artwork. I hope you will be tempted to for yourself and go the extra click.


I thought I needed to amend and somehow exorcise that shocking self-portrait. For that, I found a contemporary artist, Bekah Ash. Her “Heavy Head Girl” made me feel so good that I painted my own version with watercolour, making use of the tips given by students from my art class.


And what about my relationship with Cubism now? I guess it always pays not to be so square-minded and instead look beyond the first impression, even when it is a negative one😊.


3 thoughts on “Heavy Head Girl

  1. Hi Annie

    Lovely to see your beautiful art. Yes, like you I never appreciated or understood Picasso. But then I would tell myself, I have no clue about art then [not that I have many ideas now:)]. Anything that is abstract, I find it hard to fathom. However, am glad that our art teachers introduced us to Cubism. It was a tough first class but with their encouragement, I appreciate Cubism.
    You did a great job on this painting. It looks like a woman who despite her demure look has everything under her control. Hmm, I am beginning to see Annie in that painting:). Well done Annie, keep your paintings and stories coming.

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