Carefree Days

16th February 2024 Beena

Hello guys. Today’s painting of the red Vespa scooter set many down memory lane. Many felt that those good old days were better and carefree. I painted this with watercolour. My challenges were the buildings behind the scooter and the door opposite the scooter. Initially, my scooter was bigger than the door. So, I enlarged the door😎😎. 

 I copied this from another painting on Pinterest; as I could not find the name of the artist, I am unable to mention the credit. This alley is somewhere in Spain. Lee Huang thought it was in Safranbolu, Turkey and Fee Nee thought it was in Sorento, Italy. I have yet to learn since I have not been to both places. Yes, the buildings look old and made of uneven stone. But the red scooter was my inspiration for this painting🤣🤣. Since I had no clue about the anatomy of the scooter, I just painted what I could figure out😉. Since no one commented on that, I assume it is okay. Some preferred a yellow scooter🤔🤔, Hmm, wonder what that is all about?

Nevertheless, many sensed the carefree spirit of the scooter ride. Yes, it’s like freedom; you can weave around anywhere in a scooter. It’s a lot of fun🛵. We go through life with carefree days and others that are not. But let us cherish that thought of carefreeness for a moment🫠. It makes one feel warm and comforted, right? It’s like there were no rules, and it didn’t matter what others thought or said. All the shackles that bind us were broken, and the pieces flew with the wind, like our windblown hair on a scooter🛵🤗.

2 thoughts on “Carefree Days

  1. Beena ..enlarging the door made perfect for the proportions of the on..👌👌
    The red scooter is the hero/ heroine.
    Yellow would have kind of blended with the rest…
    Carefree…oh YES..all set for a ride😍😍

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