Chalking Up the Brownie Points

A huge part of life is about learning to deal with people.  For me, it has been the greatest challenge.  But it has also brought the greatest victories. 


It is important to have relationships that are two-way streets.  Meaning, give and take in equal proportions.  In reality, that rarely happens.  I think relationships are like the ocean, things keep happening in waves.  At times, you are doing more giving than people in your life and at other times, they are doing the giving.  Eventually, the giving and taking cancels itself out … which is how it should be.  Of course, there are also those relationships where you are the only one doing the giving, now those you have to be very careful of.


I believe that there is a “brownie point” list somewhere in the Universe, where all of your giving is recorded.  I have a really interesting story about this, a true story.  Many years ago, I had to deal with some betrayal by family members. It was devastating.  These were people to whom I had given so much love and material things.  Of course, my hope was at some point, when I needed help, they would step up to the plate.  But this incident made me realize that they were not capable of that.  One night, when I was at my lowest, feeling foolish for having given so much of myself.  My exact thought as I fell asleep was, “I have done so much for them, what have they ever done for me?”.


Something amazing happened that night, not sure if it was a dream since it all felt so real.  I felt someone sitting on the bed beside me, put their arms on my shoulder and say, “So what if they haven’t done anything for you, haven’t I given you everything you have wanted?”.  I woke up with a start and sat up in bed.  I could still hear the voice in my head.  And I realized, yes indeed, I have been blessed my entire life, have been given everything I wished for – a great husband, an amazingly successful career, a second career following my passion for creativity, great relationships, good health – you see, the list is endless.  Perhaps it was God, my Guardian Angel or my Dad sitting beside me that night.


All my giving has indeed been paid back a hundred-fold.  So, you see, the brownie points keep adding up, that is all we need to worry about.  The rewards don’t need to come from the people you help, but the rewards will indeed come.  You never need to doubt that.


What are your thoughts on this?  I leave you with a sunset view, painted on the iPad.

1 thought on “Chalking Up the Brownie Points

  1. Hi Kala

    You hit the nail. Often in life, we feel that when we do so much for others, that they too will be there for us. But now I have realised when you give or help don’t have expectations. We are saddened by our expectations. Like I don’t expect my 2 gals (Zara & Mika)to do anything for me. So in life, I find a certain kind of joy in giving without expectations. Your Guardian Angel came to give you that answer:).

    Be well my friend, all will be well.

    Thanks for that lovely sunset with soothing colours.

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