Colours In The Sky

7th July 2024 Joy


In the world of colours, light from the sun stimulates our eyes, which react to red, green, and blue light. When there is no light, the world plunges into darkness.


Light makes crests and troughs of a wave of light ie, wavelength (measured in nanometres-nm).  Blue has a shorter wavelength (400 nm), green… while red is long (700 nm).  Thus, an apple reflects more long wavelengths than middle or short wavelengths. Any less red will allow us to see a green apple.  Our brain receives a signal from the eye. Thus, the tone is warm or cool colour (artist lingo).


We are the observers, the object (an apple) and the light source (light bulb).  Here is a sunset, and the light is the sun’s rays.  Such an awesome sight!


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