24th  March 2024 Beena


Hello everyone. I wanted to share my experience of painting oranges. It was challenging as I had to work on many shadow coloursπŸ€”. I used watercolours, and it is essential to remember where the light source is for painting shadows. However, I tend to forget that when I paint, which makes the process even harder😨. In this painting, I started with a yellow wash to retain the light and coloured the shadow areas in purple as the complementary colour of yellow is purple or blue in the colour chart. That means they are opposite to each other in the colour chart. Unfortunately, it was too dark😱. But, finally, I managed to fix the paintingπŸ˜‰.


Have you thought about what complements you? I am not sure of that myself πŸ€”πŸ€”? I have heard opposite personalities attract, but my experience has been different. While it may work for a short while, in the long term, having commonalities is more critical, even if that means a boring conversationπŸ˜‰. Maybe I can’t draw a parallel with my art here, right?


However, in a workplace, people with varying skills can complement each other and make the work more meaningful and completeπŸ€—. In this way, the light and the dark in a painting represent the effect that makes for a realistic painting. Otherwise, the artwork will have only a 2D impact😊. Wonder how we can apply such interpretations to relationships?


If we choose something opposite, does it mean that it works? I am still determining that🀨. As an introvert, I feel lost in the company of boisterous friends. Having friends who can liven up a conversation is good. When they become the main show, one can feel lonely in that din of conversation. I have been there and felt left out😣. But then, I chose not to join them the next timeπŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ˜‚. Let me know if you had similar experiences😊😊.

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