Complicated Game of Snakes and Ladders

3rd September Mr. Mani Menon & Beena


Hello everyone, I would like to write something about this line drawing by Mr. Mani. Everyone has played the game Snakes and Ladders at some point in childhood. I used to love playing that game, especially when I won.


When I saw this complicated drawing, I thought, “Hmm, it looks like a game of Snakes and Ladders”. There is only one main ladder, but we can create smaller ones from those smaller branches and leaves. This would be more complicated than the actual game, or we could digitise it. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.


In real life, I play this game most of the time. Sadly, I don’t seem to be winning, unlike when I played as a child🤔🤨. Do you get that feeling? We work hard, hoping something will happen; sometimes, we win, and often we don’t. Maybe it is because, in real life, that game is complicated, like Mr. Mani’s tree🤣🤣🤣.

5 thoughts on “Complicated Game of Snakes and Ladders

  1. Beena, I think the problem is because we focus on winning..rather than the process of engaging in the activity.

    Then there is no complication as we are just being in the moment…enjoying that.

    1. Dear Suchi
      Glad that yoyr thinking was ahead of our times. Am only learning to focus in the present moment. It makes a world of difference to our lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)

  2. I love this intricate drawing. As to your snakes and ladders game, have you noticed that there are many snakes on the last home run row ready to give us the tumbling fall? That’s life to me. Reaching one’s goals is full of pitfalls and challenges. Need to try and try again and hope for a helping hand to lift us up.

    1. You have rightly pointed out about the challenges increasing as we age. I have felt that things don’t seem easy with aging. Is it because ww find it hard to cope? Am not sure about this.

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