21st October 2021 Dr Beena

Hello guys!  I am going to muse about something that I discovered recently. I found this paper called khadi paper made from recycled tee shirts. The world got to know about khadi through Gandhi. In 1918, Gandhi began this movement of hand-spun cloth as a way of self-reliance from foreign rule. He hoped for a bond of unity between the classes and masses by bridging the gap with a common occupation, as he saw great social value in hand-spinning.

I painted the forest on khadi paper using watercolour. I noticed that this paper could hold plenty of water, and I could apply salt and do many other techniques. I am so delighted. This paper is inexpensive compared to some of the well-known brands of watercolour paper. Besides, for beginners, it is cost-saving as we can paint on both sides. I thought it a brilliant way to save our trees. I would love to see more gnarled trees on Earth, and maybe with technology, we can listen to stories the trees may share with us😊. Besides, for beginners like me, it is cost-effective.

I nearly forgot about Forest bathing or Shrin-yoku. Now Shirin -yoku is Japanese for a walk in the forest. It began in the 1980s, with the purpose to offer an eco-antidote to tech-boom burnout to inspire residents to reconnect with and protect the country’s nature. Though Japan takes the credit for the term, it is not new. It is a marvellous way to reflect and get back to oneself. I know many of us do not have the luxury of a walk in the forest. However, you can find a park or an open space with some plants or trees to go for a walk. Feel if it does help you. I had brought many of my friends to walk in the forest when they visited me. Allan was fortunate to trek in the woods when he came to Kuching.  I did not know about Shirin-yoku, but I always loved trekking in the forest. There is this calming energy after the trek😊.

There are other parts of the world where forest bathing is a great eco-tourism. New York, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Hawaii and Kenya are places where you can do forest bathing.  There are numerous health benefits to forest bathing.

I hope today’s musing on Forest bathing and khadi paper will ensure our belief in saving our trees. Let us try in our little way to save them.  Till the next musing, remember every tree will store a story. Hence, send pleasant thoughts each time you pass by one😊.

5 thoughts on “Forest-Bathing

  1. Beena, as usual you wrote a little about your passion- painting and also you introduced something new – ‘forest-bathing’ to a city folk like me.
    Forest-bathing sounds so charming. Blessed are those who can go for forest bathing . I believe it is really good for one’s soul.
    For me, I can’t wait for the current Covid 19 restrictions to be lifted so that my daughter can take my hubby and me out to Labrador Park, Hort Park, Seletar Reservoir, Peirce Reservoir etc to enjoy our Sunday nature walk. Miss it so much.

    1. Glad that you enjoy forests as much as i do. But as I said any park is fine. We need trees to save us😀😀😀

  2. Hi Beena,
    You have beautifully penned down your thoughts regarding the origin of khadi papers & its sustainable nature.
    We’re so glad to see that you have experimented different watercolour techniques on our khadi papers😊 & the painting looks really so beautiful 💚
    Much love ❤️

    Best regards,
    Pooja and Antaripa
    (The Little Art Corner)

  3. Thank you Beena, it is always exciting to learn something new, and with you today, it is about Khadi paper. I do love your writing about Forest Bathing and somehow it reminds me of a beautiful experience I owe to hypnotherapy. You may not be familiar with hypnotherapy, so I’ll explain, just in case: after inducing the person to sleep, the therapist makes use of scripts and metaphors to reach the subconscious mind of the hypnotised person. The Tree metaphor where one becomes one with the tree is one of my favorites. It definitely brings, like you say, “calming energy”. A beautiful alternative when you can’t go to the park or the forest?
    Thank you so much for sharing, Beena.

    1. Hi Annie

      You introduced me to a new topic on hynotherapy.Am glad we seek various ways for serenity. It does reveal the state of the world we live in. However, we all have a way to find a solution to serenity. It maybe hypnotherapy, or music,doodling or a forest bath. Endless choices isnt it?😃😃

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