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For coffee lovers this is for you. The painting above is a cup of coffee. Do you believe that? I don’t. I kept asking my Art teacher as to how I should look at it and say it’s a cup of coffee. Anyway, I will leave that to you to imagine. After all this site is for imaginary stories and paintings. If anyone thought that it looked like a cup of coffee, please put it in the comment section. Appreciate that.

This painting was done with acrylic paints. Now let me be frank, even though I began my dabbling in art with acrylic paints, I fell in love with watercolour paints. Similarly, I used to love my morning cup of hot Chai. Once I met Coffee, there was no looking back. Am sure we have all been there at some point in our lives when we switch loyalty. Did I just say that? Oh no, . Maybe in some instances it’s fine. By the way if you get a chance to frequent an Indian shop try filter coffee. It’s truly heavenly……. There is an art involved in making a cup of filter coffee.

Acrylic painting is different from watercolour painting. There is this concept of painting dark to light for acrylic and light to dark for watercolour. Gosh once again we can’t run away from colours that are ingrained in our lives. But that is where the beauty of art emerges. It’s that coexistence that brings out the best. Hey, let’s get back to what I really wanted to write.

Grab the moment or let it pass. Yesterday morning, while I was sipping my coffee and luxuriating in the Moment, I got a call. By the time I got back to my coffee it was lukewarm and I lost all that bliss I felt before the call. Then it struck me. To savour such a Moment, we need to Grab that Moment. Once that moment passes, that warm feeling is gone too. It’s the same place, same cup of coffee, and same person but the moment just passed. I reflected on the many wonderful moments that I let slip through. Nevertheless, by being mindful, we can cherish such Moments and then let it pass. How about that!!

The other day at the traffic stop I had this most bizarre Moment. I saw a bird, yes a bird land on my bonnet and trying to come towards me. Within seconds, I saw a bee land on the windscreen/windshield of my car and the bird was trying very hard to catch that bee by trying to get onto the windscreen. I stared in anguish as I realized that slaughter is about to happen right in front of my eyes. But that bee deftly walked into the undercover of the bonnet/hood and the bird realized that the Moment had passed and flew away. Phew, I sighed in relief as a serious crime was averted. Now here I would say I am grateful to let that Moment pass. I had no regrets. The traffic light turned green and I was on my way. There were two happy Bees. Did you realize that I have contradicted myself in this story?

We can cherish moments that matter and erase others to maintain equanimity. Acceptance depends on perspective. Perspective in life and in art are similar meaning it’s complicated and confusing . Now that is an aspect in art that I will write another time. Till then hope to hear from you with more Moments that you would love to share.


  1. Grab the moment or let it pass…… Hats off to you Beena on the choice of the title. That was a short story with a beautiful message for all. Now or never!

    1. Hi Geetha

      Glad you enjoyed that cuppa coffee and the escape of the bee to safe haven:)

      Bye for now


  2. BOTH! 😉
    I’ve had many moments which I didn’t grab & regretted after, including letting my coffee turns cold (haha). This story got me thinking that I really haven’t been “present” enough in my life. Having said that, there were also moments I was glad I didn’t grab (just like the bird & bee incidence in the story). And yes, life can be contradicting at times but at least I know now I’m not alone 😉

    1. Hi Elsta

      Wonderful to know how life’s events can be unfolded in moments and we choose what to keep and those to blow away.

      Have a great weekend


  3. Wonderful insight into happiness in little things in life.
    Coffee time may be a small part of your day but it is precious and it is your own special time.
    I have me and my random thoughts that is so personal that I can’t imagine a life without my coffee time .
    Thanks Beens to helping me relive those wonderful hour in a day

    1. Hi Geet

      Glad to let you muse over a cup of coffee and relive those memories:):). I can imagine your smile. Enjoy your weekend.


  4. The moment is all there is
    As I consciously or not live
    Sometimes I grab the moment
    Often when I am feeling joy or peace
    Other times when tension strikes I want the moment to quickly pass
    And to safety moment take refuge.
    I enjoy my coffee moments Beens
    More so the blue coffee pot Particularly the cup before it touches my lips
    Sending the aroma to all my senses Uplifting my soul.

    1. Hi Shobha

      Looks like coffee is definitely your pick me up drink, ha ha:). Glad to lift your spirits.

      Enjoy your weekend


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