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7th July 2024 Joy


Each country has an Independence Day to remind and appreciate our war heroes and educate the current generation. 


This year, Malaysia is celebrating its 67th Independence Day with the theme “Malaysia Madani: Jiwa Merdeka,” which means “A Free Spirit.” This year, the seven shouts of “Merdeka” will be heard from Dataran Merdeka in Putra Jaya. Tunku Abdul Rahman, the First Prime Minister of Malaysia, initiated this gesture in 1957.


The grand celebration of independence builds up a month before 31 August until Malaysia Day, which is on the 16th of September. Malaysia’s flag, Jalur Gemilang, will be raised to express our patriotism towards a culturally unique country. “Selamat Hari Merdeka—to all races across Malaysia, our beloved land.”

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