Jack & The Beanstalk

28th June 2024 Beena


Hello, everyone. I’m so grateful for the many comments I received about the watercolour painting I posted this morning. The challenging part was creating those various coloured shadows and the depth, but your feedback made it all worth it.


Many of you shared your nostalgic memories of climbing trees, and it brought back my own vivid recollections. Ian’s commented that he climbed during a school recess 35 years ago, and I can’t help but wonder if he impressed his classmates. My friend Buan’s brave act of climbing a tree to pluck fruits left a lasting impression on me. I, on the other hand, have never climbed a tree, as my mom has a phobia of any adventure. Your stories and experiences make me feel closer to you all.


It’s fascinating how each of you saw something different in my painting. Basil thought I painted Jack and the Beanstalk. Others remembered sitting on such branches to read a book or feel the breeze on their faces. Baiju thought I created height and branches reaching eternity. Others felt serenity gazing at the painting. One of my friends didn’t see the tree. Instead, he saw wavesπŸ˜‰. I was thrilled to bits by such diverse interpretations. The painting was a classwork project, and I worked on it with my heart and soulπŸ€—. Guence, who is in her 60s, can climb any tree; she is the real Jack for my treeπŸ™πŸ˜Š.


Now, I want to add a poem by Prakash.


” There once was a tree, oh so tall

With branches that had a great fall.

Squirrels, monkeys would swing, acrobat-like high,

But tree and time just smiled and bowed goodbye!”


 NC Prakash

2 thoughts on “Jack & The Beanstalk

    1. Hi Chiam

      Many here have experiences with tree climbing. But i think the younger generations don’t spend much time appreciating nature. Nature teaches us patience, a value thats lost in our fast paced life.


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