Magic in Variation

14th November Dr Beena

 Hello everyone. It is time for another musing😊. Recently the society for which I volunteer was invited to exhibit our work in a poster style. As the bird of paradise is our logo, I decided to paint one for that exhibition.

 I have been curious as to the reason why the logo for our society is this flower. With a bit of research, I realised that it is a resilient plant. The plant will regrow even if destroyed (maybe it won’t survive a nuclear bomb😊). Many varieties of this plant are native to South Africa, known as a Crane flower and featured on the reverse of the 50cent coin.

 Sunbird pollinates it, and hence it can propagate far and wide. Ah, I learnt something new😊. Without the birds, it will need the help of human hands to help in pollination. What an excellent way nature works 😊. Certain species of this plant can grow to a height of 10metres, while the common ones we have may extend to 2 to 3 metres.

 I always find this flower to be fascinating. These plants are usually grown in outdoor gardens, but they can form natural fences too.  Many floral decorations use these flowers, and often, they become a start of a conversation. The unifying power of this flower is unbelievable😊.

 My painting is abstract as I may have diverted from the natural colours, but I enjoyed it. Here I have merged the fusion of colours. It is a technique called variation. The method is in the watercolour, where you wet the paper first. Drop in the first colour and then add the next one and see the magic of fusion. You will have no idea what will happen as the flow depends on the wetness of the paper. You can also premix the colours first and paint them on. But I find the variation method fascinating😊.

 It is a bit like going on holiday. Sometimes all our plans go awry, and the journey can end pretty well. However, sometimes, it may not☹. I find extreme planning loses the magic of a holiday. However, I prefer some planning. Well, that is my nature😊. How about you?

 Till the next musing, stay safe, stay healthy, and happy reading😊.

8 thoughts on “Magic in Variation

  1. I love your flower! So open to life and the world, welcoming warm colors onto its petals.
    It is so true that painting with watercolor is like a holiday and an adventure of some sort, lol. I must confess that I too like to have some sense of direction before I paint anything on paper and of course before I leave on a holiday. Once started though, it is so much fun to go astray!

    1. Haha haha, you made me laugh. I am always anxious before I travel and it’s the same before I paint. Everyone thinks that there is no planning in art, but there is. Otherwise for me it will be a big mess:)

  2. Reading ur musing brings out bit of my interest in drawing haha! Hope one day i ll pick up my brush too. Good work Dr Beena

  3. Birds of paradise grow well in kerala (south India) climate .we have different varieties ..and as u said Beena they make pretty fences .Didnt know they attract sunbirds 😊
    Ur painting adds beauty to the flower with its carefree effect ! Thank u dear ! Beautiful !

    1. Yes, I know that they ae grown as road dividers and that adds so much colour, isn’t it? It is a modest plant with a big impact. That’s what I like about it. It can grow anywhere, needs a bit of rain, lots of sunshine maybe? But it is resilient like many of us:)

  4. Beenaaaa…I totally love this piece..the colours are so vibrant…so open to accepting…love everything about it..did not know it attracts Sunbird…. imagine the colours then..the sunbird and the will be a riot..πŸ˜ƒ

    May your days be filled with vibrant colours..


    1. Haha haha, if only our days are full of wonderful colours. But then maybe we won’t appreciate them. I find we need both sides of the coin to enjoy the ups. Like when the sun comes out after days of rain, we just love it. Or when after a sultry summer, when it rains, we love to dance in the rain:):)

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