22nd June 2024 Mr Nandakumar


I decided to get creative and drew Kovalam beach with watercolour pencils on a calendar. I know it’s a bit unconventional, but hey, art knows no boundaries, right? So, the story goes like this: I had this sudden burst of inspiration to draw, but the only paper I could find was this calendar. And voila, a masterpiece was born!


Here’s a little secret many have yet to discover- the magic of watercolour pencils. They’re not your regular colour pencils. With watercolour pencils, you can add water to your drawing and watch as it transforms into a beautiful watercolour effect. It’s like painting with magic! And the best part? They’re super convenient to use, especially when you’re out and about.


Kovalam Beach is famous for Western tourists as well as locals. I like the place, especially where the lighthouse is situated. I had an earlier painting about the lighthouse that was posted on this website. I feel a certain emotion when I see a lighthouse. It is like a guiding source to safety, a beacon of hope in the darkness. The way it stands tall and strong, it reminds me of resilience and strength. Let me know what your thoughts are on the lighthouse.

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