Rain or Shine, I welcome you

17th October 2023 Tia & Beena


Hello everyone. I have posted a poem by Tia where she drew herself in the rain. Tia is the youngest contributor to our website. I am delighted to publish her poetry.


What caught my eye was the fact that, at her young age, she knew how to be creative during adversity. I remember during the monsoons when it would rain incessantly, I would get bored and eventually feel sad and frustratedπŸ₯ΉπŸ€¨. So my mom would surprise us with a game of cards or ask me to play board games with her as my younger sisters loved to play with her dolls.


Here, Tia wrote a poem about the rain, which has been raining relentlessly. That is a creative way to spend time when you cannot go outdoors. She drew herself in a yellow raincoat, sitting on a bench with her umbrella with outstretched arms welcoming the sun 🫠😊.


Thank you, Tia, for letting me post your artwork and for being so creativeπŸ™πŸ˜Š. I hope you will continue to post more of your work.

4 thoughts on “Rain or Shine, I welcome you

  1. Rain or shine
    War or peace
    Beauty or ugly
    Clean or dirty
    Birth or death
    Embracing diversity or both ends with equanimity is peace. This is what my father used to say.
    Love your poem and artwork TIA. You are blessed πŸ™Œ

  2. Ohh..this is lovely..please congratulate Tia. Beautiful positivity conveyed through her poem and lovely illustrations too.

    It would be nice to know how old she is ..

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