Tea Time

Tea Time and a Salty Accident

20210624 by Dr Beena

We all love Tea time don’t we? What has that got to do with salty accident? Well, be patient one step at a time. Since I was young, I envisaged Tea times. I never knew what surprise my Amma (mom) would spring on us for tea. Tea time was always more exciting than other meal times as it was full of lovely little nibbles. We all love pleasant surprises. Let me now describe my own accidental surprise with salt and my painting.

When I planned to paint Tea time I only had a tea pot, tea cup and two plates of pleasant munchies. As I am still learning, I decided to use salt in the painting as I was taught to use this technique in my art class and it never produced any good result to my chagrin. Hence, I sprinkled some salt and continued with my painting. After sometime I saw what happened and I was in great dismay. I thought ‘oh dear, what a mess I have created’. I decided not to focus on that for the moment as I liked how my tea cup and my little nibbles were turning out. By the way, I decided to paint Asian nibbles as most of us conjure up tea time with cakes, scones and sandwiches. In fact, I was inspired to paint this Tea time from Paul Clark’s tutorial on Tea time with scones and jam. I painted Kueh Salat and Curry puffs (locals here refer to ‘cully pupp’). You can google and see his version.  

 Salt is an essential element for our lives. We need the right amount not too much nor too little. The taste of food is taken to a whole new level with salt. Now what is the role that salt plays in art? Just like in food salt does bring out a rather textured look. So, if you look at that vase of flowers, that is where I made my ‘mistake’. Fortunately, I decided to amend that mistake into a vase of flowers. I just loved it after that. Did you like it too?

 Then I reflected on that mistake. Many times, when we make mistakes, we are so focused on figuring out how to correct that mistake, we lose sight of the ‘big picture’. I have realized that now. That is the wonderful aspect about aging. We start to look at ‘mistakes’ differently. We tend to even laugh at those silly stuff that we considered as mistakes. Please do not misconstrue as not all mistakes can be measured in the same way. There are some small mistakes that we make and we gave them too much attention. Some of these mistakes can be turned into ‘a vase of flowers.’ When we start to look at life creatively you will be surprised what one can achieve.

 Hence, when accidents do happen, hit the pause button. Take a step back and focus on other matters. Sometimes, solutions will come up and other times they do not. That is all part of living. We do not need to fix every broken part. Some of these mistakes add character to life just like the vase of flowers did to my painting. It was an accident and for me it turned out to be beautiful.

 Hope to hear your comments and stories or musings on ‘accidents’ in your life that urned out to be beautiful eventually. Till the next time, keep writing everyone. 

28 thoughts on “Tea Time and a Salty Accident

  1. This is such an interesting story about making mistakes in life and seeing it as part and parcel of life. Really like the advice in it. By the way, the flowers are so beautiful.

    1. Haha yea sometimes it’s good to have a good belly full of laugh at our mistakes.

      Glad you enjoyed


  2. When I heard the word salt ..what came to mind is rubbing it on a wound. Though very stinging at the time..it is the best to heal…. so your accidental salt actually healed the painting and added charm to it eh.
    Tea time or coffee breaks are also my favorite time because I like to snack more than sit and dine… enjoy yours.

    1. Hi Shobha

      Hmmm didn’t think of the sting of the salt. But that does heal. Glad to hear that you too love tea times.

      Write a story on such times


  3. It was a pleasure reading Tea time and a Salty Accident 👌The ‘accident ‘ turned out beautiful eventually, right? Beena your short stories are so simply worded and at the same time convey a deep message. This combination is invaluable. Keep going Beena!

    1. Hi Geetha

      Thanks for the feedback. Would call mine as musings of a wiser lady. Aging does wonders to the way we think. Hahaha. Hope to hear of your tea time or salt experiences. Am sure you would have added too much salt to your food at some point.
      Hope to read a story soon


  4. ‘Turning one’s mistakes to a vase of flower’ What a beautiful thought Beena !
    Incidently I did wonder what flowers they were 😀
    Coming to tea time .. one of the most beautiful childhood memories are of anticipating ‘what’s for tea!?’ on my way back from school . Mummy used to try to make different little snacks each day sometimes experimenting from ‘vanita’ magazine .I feel sad now that we never really appreciated her efforts then ….though we enjoyed the treats very much.Mummy is no more and I wish that we had loved her a little more…
    Thanks Beena !
    Btw Shobha I love ur thought of how salt hurts but heals ..😊

    1. Hi Mariam

      Tea time reminds us of our moms. It’s truly a special moment that we spend with them sharing our school stories. I know you miss your mom dearly. She was a gentle and kind person. Am glad you could relate to my musings. Hope you can share one of your tea time story here.


    1. Hi Shaj
      Haha can’t afford to publish. Besides these are just musings that most of us have. Nothing very special. Thanks for reading. Hope you too can share a tea time story.


  5. Mistakes have been always the great teacher in my life. Looking forward to plan for a little tea time in between work after mesmerising this nice dainty drawing and the amazing story/learning behind it.

    1. Hi Jane

      It’s true. If we can embrace our mistakes and focus our energy into creative stuff we begin a new journey. I too learnt my way through my mistakes. Art and life are intertwined.

      Take care


  6. Hey Beens,
    So nice to see you relive wonderful memories
    I was always more of a salty person
    My mom was never a cook 😜
    So my evening snacks were bakery items and sometimes what my cook made
    It is not often when mistakes turn out to be a beautiful bunch of flowers
    Enjoy your musings

    1. Hi Geet
      Glad my musings brings back memories. We have all kinds of sweet and savory dishes and it’s always exciting.

      Take care


      1. Thanks Beena. Your experience with the “salt accident “ is simply encouraging. It again reminds us to always look on the bright side of things, even when dealing with big mistakes – not to despair but turn them into “beautiful flowers”. I believe it is possible if we try hard enough

        1. Hi Buan

          Isn’t it wonderful if we can pick up ourselves after any mistake? We can live life without fear. Glad you liked my little musings hahaha.

          Take care


  7. Hi Beena,

    Great to see your words narrating the story for your painting..so I was right it was Kueh.

    As for the “salty” mistake.. they did turn out beautiful..have tried this technique thanks to my daughter..

    Well 1008 mistakes got our light bulb..so let’s not be afraid to make these mistakes while experimenting as long as it does not hurt or is a danger to.. someone or us!!

    Look forward to more pictorial stories from you❤

    1. Hi Suchi

      Isnt it funny that in our younger days we use to fret over small mistakes and for nothing. Just like the salt over time the ‘ mistakes’ just made our lives sensible. What is food without salt right?

      Take care


  8. Hi Beena,
    Loved your writing and the message in it. Brought nostalgic memories of childhood coming back from school to have tea along with some home made snacks which my mom used to make.
    Keep writing and painting

    1. Hi Thomas

      Am so happy to hear that. Some moments cant be erased and am glad that tea time with our moms have remained. Yes I hope to continue with my art which is at infancy stage.

      Take care


  9. I am left with an incredible feeling of how a painting can turn into a great story with an underlying message. A picture is definitely equivalent to a thousand words. The subtle message from each painting reveals to us the essence of our lives. 👍👍👍

    1. Hi Vany

      Thats how Allan the writer of stories at this website came up with the name. He felt that if a painting can evoke a feeling and people are given a space to express their story it wiuld be wonderful. So I am grateful to Allan for that brilliant idea. I hope more will post stories here. Truly a pleasure to read.

      Take care


  10. Mmm tea and salt. Thought what is this going to be. But I liked the simple yet interesting write-up. I cannot agree more with you on how we used to fret over our silly mistakes. But on hindsight I see it part of our aging process of. You have a natural flow and flow. Enjoyable read.

    1. Hi Nila

      Glad that you liked my musings. Am trying to link my learning in art to life’s trials. It is just a musing.

      Hope to read a story from you too.
      Take care


  11. I love this ” when accidents do happen, hit the pause button. Take a step back and focus on other matters”

    1. Hi Chiam

      Yes taking a step back is always helpful. Hope to write more so that you can smile and add your comments or maybe your story too.
      Take care

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