The Beach

6th October 2022 Dr Beena

Hello everyone. Seasons have changed, and we are now in the last quarter of the year. That means many parts of the world will have cooler temperatures, and a beach may not be the best place right nowπŸ˜’.

This painting is part of my art class work. I used acrylic paint. I mixed some grainy stuff with the paint colour for the beach to create that textured look. I used a spatula to paint this part of the beach. As it dries very fast, I had to work relatively quickly. The next challenge was the waves. I needed to get the motion effect as well as the rise and fall of tides. As a final, personal touch, I had the three beach umbrellas with the beach towels at the lower right-hand corner. Here, I imply that my gals and I are beneath those umbrellasπŸ˜‰πŸ€£.

I painted my beach with pink-hued sand instead of a beige-coloured one. I have been to many beaches in many parts of the world with varied colours of sand. It is hard to find a quiet beach. Once I had to swim from a boat towards the shore as the beach was not accessible via land. That was exciting as I was swimming in the sea. It was thrillingπŸ˜….

The colour of the sea varies in different places. I love the turquoise colour of the sea. But I don’t think I managed to get the colour. I find the ocean fascinating, being calm and serene and then becoming fierce and furious. Hence, never venture out without checking the weather forecastπŸ˜’πŸ˜’.

In life, we will always have up and downs, just like the waves of the sea. Some events can be turbulent, but that will pass, and life will have some calm moments. Sometimes we do feel that the turbulence is never-ending. During such moments, ride the wave, as many surfers will do to stay afloatπŸ™‚, otherwise you will drown😒.

Many of you had delightful memories of going to the beach. I was thrilled to read that this painting evoked pleasant memories. Until the next musing, find a beach to relax😎😎.

9 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. I love the colours of this painting. I noticed the texture of the sand but thought it was the paper. So much thought and so many techniques have gone into the painting, all of which I was unaware of as a non-painter. You are certainly coming into your own as an artist. Keep on sharing so that we can enjoy the beauty and the fruits of your labour.

    1. Am so glad that you are interested in the techniques. I feel that all these are such novel stuff for me. Yes everytime I learn new stuff in my art class;)

  2. I absolutely love this painting…it is gorgeous and perrrrfect…

    The beach is the best and dearest part of my life… I feel serene and liberated with i see the vast expanse of the ocean..
    Long time since I visited the beach.
    Should one of these days…
    Beach brings back strong memories of many parts of the world i lived and visited..

    My atma matter…umma

    1. We all have lovely memories of the beach. Though sometimes I think when the sea is rough it can be terrifying too.

  3. Yes Beena, your painting brought back pleasant memories of Ko Samui Beach in Thailand, Bintan Beach in Indonesia, Bondi Beach in Sydney. Happy memories of time spent with hubby, daughter and son came flooding back. Thank you and please continue to paint for us.

  4. Hi, I’m a beach girl. It’s true, I’m my best self at the beach and I can share one the d umbrellas with your gals

    It’s a place where all worries melt away in the heat as you lay under your beach β˜‚οΈ or go swimming in the shimmering water. I love your pink beach which not an ordinary beige or white sand. Once I made it to the pink beach that I have desired to destine in one of the small islands before I to meet Komodo dragons! It is truly pink n absolutely beautiful. Your sea waves I would describe as ‘ exciting , beautiful but yet can be dangerous’ so ” jangan main main ” with the waves!
    This painting depicts life which we all go thru and we all have different platforms of drama.

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