30th June 2022 Dr Beena

Hello everyone, it’s a strange title for those who don’t know the meaning😊😊. Let us get to the painting first. The illustration above is my art class project. Here I have used acrylic ink (something very new for me, just like the title of this musing). As I love new challenges, it was exciting to work with the different colours and, at the same time to try to create the effect.

As you can see, there is mist or fog, and it is a rainy day. In addition, we have to use a lot of water to create those reflections:). So, it was messy . In addition, acrylic ink does not fade, or we can’t loosen the edge once it dries. As I am so used to watercolours, I found that frustrating. Here to get the soft edges, we use colour pencils to create that effect. The colours are not waterproof. We use the colour pencil to define the buildings, the umbrellas and the people.

I received many comments about this painting. They ranged from romantic, eerie, majestic, finding the rainbow after the rain, and yellow umbrellas signifying courage against injustice. Frankly, I felt “tripti”. Tripti is a Sanskrit word meaning satisfaction. It is a state of joy or contentment with no desires. Why should I feel that way? Well. I have looked at tons of pictures of rainy days and imagined, “when will I ever paint a picture like this”? Hence when I finished this painting, I felt “tripti” as not only did I capture the rain but also the sun. On that note, I wish my readers, ” there is always sunshine after the rain and may you find the rainbows”😊😊.

20 thoughts on “Tripti

  1. It’s a marvellous piece of creation,acrylic ink painting is difficult to master.Such a creation with fine details is very appreciable.Well done.

  2. The insightful musing pairs well with the painting. I’ve learned a new word – tripti. It should be up there with hygge, kawaii, eureka and other foreign imports.

  3. I have a friend who gets extremely depressed when it rains for more than a couple of hours. Too much rain and everything drowns; too much sunshine and everything grills. With a good balance of both rain and sun and we have the Earth of Plenty. Everything seems to me a matter of good balance, inside and outside us.

    1. I too get depressed if the sky remains grey too long. But I love the sound of the rain on the roof. So it all depends, I dont wish to be outside when it rains heavily though I love the misty kind of rain.

      1. Have you ever noticed how everything sounds different after a good rainfall? Especially birds? It is “special”.

  4. Beautiful painting and thoughts behind the art….loved both !!.. Tripti..tripti…we need that in our lives to be happy .

  5. Tripti is definitely a masterpiece and your tripti or satisfaction is fully justified. The effect of a rainy day has been depicted so well. Probably the castle like structures gave an eerie look to the dimly lit rainy scene.Beautifully done Beena

    1. Hahaha, yeap I didnt feel the eeriness until some pointed that out. Maybe I was struggling to get that misty/foggy look:).

  6. The eerie castle and the bright flowers- wow! So picturesque! And the description of the picture with the title – Thripthi-also very apt; Loved it dear

    1. Like you I had spelt it as Thripthi, but when you google it it is spelt Tripti. Since I have other nationalities who read i decided to use the other spelling. Glad to read your comments.

  7. Hi Nyuk
    I found 2 more words Niksen in Dutch and Mung in Korea:). I had written about this in one of my earlier musings. They all have inner peace, joy, contentment as the essence of the meaning. Hope we all find our own Triptis:).

  8. The Korean Mung is a new word and concept to me. It sounds a bit like the Cantonese word for “being blur” and often expressed as “mung cha cha” as in I am or someone is “mung cha cha” 😂. Not a bad state to be in sometimes! What about Wabi sabi? I think you mentioned this,too, in one of your writing?

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