1st October 2022 Ms Lavendar Jong

I love watercolour painting. I usually look for interesting pictures on Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration. this painting, I have attempted to create a loose style of painting. To make those flowers come to the foreground, I had to do a lot more negative painting.

Negative painting is a style of painting where we add layers of colours to bring the subject of interest to the foreground. In fact, with a negative type of painting, we can show the depth of our matter. For example, when there are leaves beneath the top most, we can show what the deeper leaves look like using this technique.

When I paint like this, I find it very therapeutic. It is a good stress buster. Many of us face stress often. It is good to do some form of creative work, whether painting, gardening, cooking or exercising; always find time to practise it daily. For me, it is a watercolour painting. I hope you enjoyed my art and the story.

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