Age is Attitude

19th October 2021 Ms Kala Pohl

Another year older.  I look in the mirror. I see a face with lines, skin not so clear, hair greying, a body not quite trim…. but I feel so young.  I wake up each morning with anticipation, with the knowledge that the day is going to be wonderful.  And it usually is.  I can’t wait to jump out of bed.  Well, most of the time, that is.  Then there are those days, when my physical body reminds me how old I really am.

Here’s a poem I wrote about growing old:


Growing old

comes to us all

It should be a process

that enthralls

A journey of

dignity and grace

Down the road

to another embrace


Harvard psychologist, Ellen Langer discusses her theory about aging in her book Counterclockwise. She says that we are all victims of our own stereotypes about aging and health. We mindlessly accept negative cultural cues about disease and old age, and these cues shape our self-concepts and our behavior. If we can shake loose from the negative clichés that dominate our thinking about health, then we can “mindfully” open ourselves to possibilities for more productive lives even into old age.  Do you agree?


So, what are your thoughts about aging?  I love painting trees, they age so gracefully:)

2 thoughts on “Age is Attitude

  1. What a lovely way of connecting trees with ageing. In fact, trees that are old have a quaint charm. It is hard to fathom but I always find people who have a lined face fascinating. It is almost like each line has its own story. Unfortunately, I am not the norm. With technology, one can look so much younger. Plus the emphasis on youthful looks, an aged face has no chance of being there. The ones who embrace graceful ageing become invisible. The culture of remaining young is so dominant, then it takes great strength to accept natural physiological changes.

    I love trees too. They are so fascinating. Thank you for posting this wonderful painting and story.

  2. Dear Kala,

    Each work of yours touches the soul in such a deep it art or poetry.
    You recreate Nature in such a beautiful way ..that one feels like one is in that space.

    I would love to walk down that path..hug the tree for a under its shade ..and then slowly walk down the path into the wilderness of peace and calm..

    As for aging..I have always believed age is a construct of the is as young as one feels..and for that one also needs to spend time with people who are positive and have the “joie de vivre”..

    I find being with children helps me see the world with wonder and gives me renewed vigour.

    Thank you for sharing your works with us and helping us find joy within ourselves.

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