Beauty in Unexpected Places

9th June 2024 Beena


Hello everyone. I painted the scene of the moon and its light, creating a glow in a garden of leaves. I used a combination of wet-on-wet and dry brush techniques to capture the ethereal quality of the moonlight. The watercolour medium allowed me to blend the colours seamlessly, creating a soft, dreamlike effect. I received many comments for this painting. This is a watercolour painting of a night scene.


I want to explain how I painted this scene. Last week, I lacked the inspiration to paintπŸ˜”πŸ˜”. We had many holidays, and some friends returned for Gawai, the harvest festival of the Natives here. I scrolled through many photos and other paintings but was not inspired. Then I chanced on this photo I took last year while waiting for friends at my place. Let me give you a description of the photo. The garden, nestled in a corner of our compound, is a hidden gem. It’s filled with tall tobacco leaves, other flowering plants, and a tree with luscious foliage. With its vibrant greenery, this garden hides the rubbish bin area, providing a pleasant view when we walk around our compound. Mr. Kueh, the architect who developed this property, designed this beautiful concept.


On that particular night, the giant moon filled the garden with light. My friends and I were mesmerized by nature’s beauty, and Jen was impressed by Mr. Kueh’s ingenuity😍. As we stood there, surrounded by the beauty of the moonlight, it struck me: We can always find beauty in unexpected places. Even in a garden that hides a rubbish bin area, there is beauty to be found. This concept of finding beauty in unexpected places is what I wanted to capture in my paintingπŸ€—πŸ™.

2 thoughts on “Beauty in Unexpected Places

  1. Beauty well captured, Dr Beena. Really looks like a lovely spot in your garden. πŸͺ΄

  2. Beautiful ethereal leaves in your painting Beena
    You have brought out the beauty in an unexpected place !
    β€˜Wet on wet and dry brush technique on watercolour looks very special!

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