Bowl of Flowers

26th April 2022 Dr Beena

Hello everyone😊.  I was surprised by the comments I received regarding the above painting. The above picture was challenging as it is watercolour on round paper. Now we are familiar with portrait or landscape styles. Hence painting on round paper was a new concept for my brain😊.

However, what surprised me were the comments I received from friends. Many thought I painted on a ceramic bowl😊. I felt fantastic as even I did not picture it as a bowl of flowers😊😊. Then it occurred to me. Isn’t that how it is in life? When we look at a situation or a problem for too long, we lose perspective. To get a fresh take on the same issue, I find it would be better when I discuss it with a friend or friends. Have you felt that too? The burden of the matter diminishes, and you feel much better. Hence, I always talk about complex challenges with close friends. I find things that seemed convoluted can be simplified😊. Let me know if you, too, had such experiences. Of course, I choose who I wish to discuss the matter with; otherwise, I may be in a worse state than before.

Anyway, I am happy many of you thought it was a ceramic bowl of flowers. One friend suggested that I should begin painting on ceramic😊. I will say, ” master one technique first before moving on.” Otherwise, I will be like β€œJack of all trades but master of none”. On that note, I wish everyone happy reading.

3 thoughts on “Bowl of Flowers

  1. Square or round
    Your painting is sound
    The colors are radiant
    Yet subtle and vibrant
    The petals curl to add depth
    The leaves dance in mirth
    Oh I wish to stare in the bowl
    Just to savor the soul.

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