7th April 2023 Beena


Hello there😊. Today is Good Friday and an auspicious day. I thought I would share this painting that I did. I love painting buildings despite my difficulty in getting my perspectives right🀣. Nevertheless, I decided a test it out again. In art, the theory teaches us one point, two, three, and many more points of perspective. But they are all very confusing. Then I happened to watch a tutorial where the artist just used his ruler or a pencil on the painting to check out the angles as a rough guide. I tried that method for this painting. Voila, though there are some mistakes, as one of my friends pointed out, overall, I am happyπŸ˜†πŸ˜†.


I love cobbled streets, and I am wondering whyπŸ€”. This painting evoked memories of old European roads for some of my readers. For Chiam, it prompted our own Padungan Street. However, the cobbled road was a later addition during one of the renovations to create an ambience of old streets. Nevertheless, the place is gentrified, with tons of cafes and restaurants. Cobblestones have come a long way from being used in ancient European villages to more upmarket areas in recent years. It adds a warm nostalgia to any place🫠🫠.


In the comment section, let me know your thoughts on cobblestones or anything else about the above paintingπŸ˜ŠπŸ™.

4 thoughts on “Cobblestones

  1. Dr Beena,
    I liked the congested narrow bylane
    The huge pot towards the middle also adds to the congestion. But the whole treatment brings out the ambience, the lamp on the wall on the left compensate s the heavyweight pot below,

    1. Hi Nandu

      Thanks for the review by an artist like yourself. I painted from a picture I saw in pinterest.

  2. Marvelous painting. πŸ‘
    I like the old fashioned roofing , the street light and the footpath which is very similar to the old long shops at Padungan Kuching.
    I give an A+ to your great efforts. ☺️

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