Fragrance in Flight

16th June 2024 Joy


I painted this butterfly in a garden in watercolour. During the process, I realized that the various mediums use light to blend textures and create soft, rich, vibrant finishes: rich acrylics, still watercolour, coloured pencil blends, smooth pastels, and pencil shades.


Blending, in the context of art, is the technique of combining two or more colors or values to create a smooth transition between them. It’s like the way we blend different aspects of our lives to create a harmonious whole. Blending is an essential part of the painting to create easy continuity and avoid hard edges, just as it is in our personal development journey.


I drew a busy butterfly blending into nature’s beauty for food to sustain itself. This metaphor represents the importance of blending into our environment, adapting to the changes around us, and finding sustenance in the beauty of life. Just as the butterfly blends into nature to find food, we must be conscious of keeping ourselves fit, exercising, and feeding the body carefully. Then, we can care effectively for our charges, responsibilities, and relationships.


Let us be grateful for the beauty around us and listen to the needs of others. Let’s bring hope and speak words that boost morale and goodwill in our interactions. Remember, the more we seek to give, the more will be returned to us, fostering a cycle of positivity and growth🤗🙏.

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