Gang of Four Mongolia

24th February 2023 Mrs Annie Teo


It was one of those mornings when I needed to fight hard not to give in to a rather dark mood. Thankfully there is a natural weapon always available to anyone who cares to conjure it: good memories. One of those came from a wishful conversation I had recently had with a group of friends, and it went something like this:

Val shared with us how she had always wanted to travel to Mongolia. I was quick to agree, yet adding one small detail: “Yes but summertime”. Janice joined in to say that we should travel on horseback. Val sheepishly confessed that she was scared of horses, but I devised a solution, we would find a yak for her to feel safe and steady. That’s when Rosie pointed out that we may have to survive on a strict diet of mare’s milk products.

This was such a fun memory that it must have sparked a few happy neurons. I needed more and more colour, and suddenly I had to tell my memory as a fun and colourful story.

To help me compose my story, I needed to go to Mongolia after all. Pinterest took me there to experience the landscape (no huge challenge with that) find a yak, Mongolian horses and ladies’ warm and colourful robes. I also found an amazing choice of headgear and hats! Time to grab my watercolours!

Good memories are wonderful medicine and pain-killer. Strangely, I do feel as if I have already been to Mongolia with my friends, each one of us carrying a special ”something” for the sharing that I think is a little tell-tale about us individually: I gave Val the academic a Scrabble set; wonderful jolly Rosie is bringing a small drum of Gin (ex-pats love gin tonic), Janice the nurse is in charge of the first aid kit and I never part with my red camera.

Never stop dreaming; you will travel far!

1 thought on “Gang of Four Mongolia

  1. Hi Annie,

    I loved this story as it is just you:). Always trying to be strong whatever may happen and making life look hilarious. You captured that spirit in your adventurous story. I can imagine four women riding on different animals and surviving in the desert only on milk:):). Nonetheless, when you are with friends, none can overcome anything.


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