Lemon and Hope

26th March 2022 Dr Beena

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I posted. Sometimes, life gets caught up, and you are unsure what hit you! I painted this picture after I watched a tutorial by Kristy Rice. My leaves in this painting are abominable☹. Now, this is such an old English word, and I learnt this word when I used to read Enid Blyton’s stories. Do you remember them? They were full of adventure with a happy ending😊😊. I bought whole sets as a keepsake.

Now let us get back to lemons, the subject of our discussion. Suzie commented, ” when you get lemons, please make lemonade”. I have heard this numerous times. I understand what that means 😊😊. But, must we always do something about the lemons or do something about our life at that point when some disaster happened. Lemons are the opportunities that get thrown in our paths. If we don’t learn to recognise that chance, we have missed the boat☹ and I have missed many😊😊.

I love the colour yellow. Somehow it makes one feel cheerful, optimistic and filled with Hope. When I was painting this picture, I was feeling low. By the time I completed, I felt refreshed as though I had drunk a glass of lemonade😊😊. I made my lemonade😊.

I hope you, too, get that optimism after seeing that painting. Till the next musing, stay hopeful, as lemons will come your way, and you will know what you should do😊.

14 thoughts on “Lemon and Hope

  1. After reading this post I will learn to appreciate the lemons that may come my way tq Dr. BeenaπŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ»

  2. On a different tangent… I feel the quote “When life throws you lemons, make some sweet lemonade ” means don’t gripe at the sour darts that life throws at you , instead catch them, groove on and make the best of it, like sweet, uplifting lemonade.
    Groove and don’t gripe! 🍸🍸🍹

  3. Enjoyed your piece Beena! Shall remember that lemons provide opportunities other than lemonade n delicious lemon cakes!

    1. Oh yea, I remember you guys bake lovely Lemon cakes and I have to taste them. Yes, lemons give us tons of opportunities. Keep being creative:) Buan

  4. hi Dr Beena
    the Kristy Rice tutorial seems to have added depth and more
    realism to your “lemon” painting
    AM glad you brought out the positive effects of lemon
    apart from its well known nourishing factors.
    perhaps this is the probably why in S INDIAN festivals
    like house warming, a garland of lemon is hung at the
    entrance with a black coir rope (to ward off evil}
    In weddings (a welcome drink of lemon & a take home
    lemon fruit is customary in other festivities too
    lemon has a lot of importance,
    in fact there’s a dish called lemon rice
    which has the typical tangy lemon flavour and aroma,
    that refreshes & is said to lighten the stomach after
    a heavy meal.

    1. Thanks Nandu for bringing in a whole new dimension to.the humble lemon. In many North African dishes preserved lemons play a vital role in their cuisine.

  5. Dear Beena, what you say is so correct! In life we missed many lemon opportunities but sometimes missing them is not a loss. Somehow we will get back these opportunities.

    1. I would love to think the way you did. There are times on hind sight am glad I let go of them. But for others it was like what a missed opportunity. We live in a society and whether we accept it or not, we are kind of influenced by those norms. It takes herculean will power to break away from that. Then you end up being the loner. So it is kind of a balance. But I am glad that you brought up a different perspective on lemonades:)

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