Live Life, Bounty Not Barren

10th December 2023  Beena

 Hello guys. I love to introduce the famous German impressionist artist August Macke. I painted one of his paintings in my art class.


August Macke painted 128 paintings and died at age 27 in the second month of the start of the First World War. His first inspiration came from his father’s drawings at a young age. His style changed over time as he befriended Kandinsky and Robert Delaunay. Delaunay was into Cubism. Nevertheless, most of Macke’s paintings are vibrant and often include people. His last painting was called “Farewell”.


I have attempted to create his painting in acrylic. Here, we see a couple of farmhouses with a bountiful harvest. I often wonder how it must have been for those farmers during the war when the men had to join the army. Life must have been tough. My sincere hope is that we create bountiful rather than barren fields. Let us realise that we can’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Let us be able to have meaningful livesπŸ™.

1 thought on “Live Life, Bounty Not Barren

  1. Deep thoughts dear Beena..the painting evokes so much calm and peace..let there be that kind of peace always in this world..πŸ™πŸ™

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