17th October 2022 Dr Marilys Corbex


Hi, I am new to this website. Beena is my friend, and we have known each other for a long time. I painted this picture of horses with Chinese ink when I was young😅. However, it is not exactly a Chinese style of painting. That is more complex than my work on horses🤣🤣.

I have always been fascinated with horses. They have been man’s best friends for a long time. Maybe dogs were man’s best friend first, then came the horses🤔. There is a long history. We only domesticated them around 4000BC and mostly used them during the wars, eventually used for transport. However, horses can be therapy animals, too🙂🙂.

I find horses to be strong, loyal, therapeutic and with a sense of freedom. These are traits that I find attractive. Based on their temperament, they are hot, cold and warm. Aren’t they very similar to humans, then?🤣🤣

When I was young, I loved riding horses. You feel like you are just one entity rather than two while riding. Hence, the need to protect one another. You need to know your horse well so that you don’t cause any harm. I suppose it is the same with humans. We can relate to some but not to others😢.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to post more of my paintings here🙂🙂.

2 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. Marilys,

    So happy to see you contributing to this series 😃. I had not realized what a good artist you are. The painting is lovely. And the story about horses also. Like you, I also love horses and find them very regal and soothing. Growing up, our house was adjacent to an equestrian club so I spent my childhood around horses. My family was not a member of the club but my brother and I used to jump the fence into the club on Mondays (when it was closed to the public) and we would go to the stables to feed the horses. Nice memories I have of those days.

    Thanks for sharing your painting and story.


  2. Thanks a lot Allan ! Yes, kids memories of horses are magic, aren’t they ?
    When i was 13, I was very into horses, and one of my big dream was to ride horses around the pyramids. When i reached 35 and moved to Egypt i realized that i could live this dream (that i had somehow forget about) easily. First time at the pyramids on a horse was great but the day after was not glorious: back & butt pain 😬
    I enjoyed horseback riding around the pyramids a few times, but never again without booking a back massage for the day after… and when i reached 40 i had slowly but surely moved to massage only, without horseback riding… To kill my back on these damn nags ? No way !
    Kid dreams have a “best-before” date… 🤨

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