Prisoner of your Mind

28th January 2023 Mr Mani Menon


A short write-up on JUST LINES……..Prison Bars.

 Decades and decades ago, in the late 1960s, when I was in college, I’d read a novel about which I remember nothing. Not the title, not the author. However, two lines from it are etched in stone in my mind to this day:


Two Men Look out of Prison Bars

One sees Mud, and the other sees Stars.

It’s pessimism versus optimism.


Often, we choose to dwell in a prison of our own making, don’t we? Looking out through this prison’s bars, we get a blurred and distorted perspective of the world and its people. Stepping out of this prison is easy. But some of us need more boldness to do so and end up wallowing in it….


When I began doing this sketch, those two lines from ages ago sprang to my mind. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

12 thoughts on “Prisoner of your Mind

  1. Anything is possible: there will be mud outside just as stars will keep on shining.
    Bad happens just as good does too so why not go on with the possibility that it will all work out as it often does in the end?

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