Simplicity in Monotone

23rd April 2024 Mr Nandakumar & Beena


Hello guys. I received this painting from Mr Nandakumar. He used only a single colour to paint a scene depicting everyday life. It is challenging to create such a scene. I will say, “Bravo, you have managed to capture the ethos “. I find it difficult to paint a cityscape with people and cars. Here, he has captured the mundane aspect of daily life, using different shades of the same colour; he makes the scene come alive. That is the true strength of an experienced artist.


Please continue to paint and send us your paintings. I want to add a quote:


“The one who can adjust to any situation with humility possesses true greatness.”

1 thought on “Simplicity in Monotone

  1. Thanks Dr B for that short & crisp write up
    On Simplicity in monochrome
    Shall send pics as and when I complete them
    Good day!!!

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