Siniawan Night Market

21st January 2024 Ann Chin and Beena


Hello everyone. I have posted a beautiful artwork painting in watercolour by Ann Chin. This is the Siniawan night market. She has captured the essence of Chinese culture with the red lanterns and the old wooden coffee shops. As I have been there, I can feel the hustle and bustle of the place. It is not easy to paint such a scene, and I applaud Ann for achieving it👍🏽👍🏽.


Siniawan is about twenty-one kilometers from Kuching. It is an old town with a population of 3600 people of three different ethnic groups: Bidayuhs, Chinese and Malays. The Chinese settlers came from Guangdong Province in China and spoke Hopoh Hakka.


Fortunately, the place with the old wooden shophouses comes to life from Friday night till Sunday. Some unique dishes you must try are rice cooked in pitcher plants and other traditional food cooked by the three ethnic groups. I like to go there during weekdays for lunch as it is quieter, and I love one of the stalls that sells the local “kolo mee”😋😋.


I hope you love the painting by Ann and will one day venture into this place that she has beautifully created🤗🙏.

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