Story of Birds

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  1. I have always loved birds and find them to be very calming. I drew these bird pictures from inspiration from drawings of other painters. I do not know the artist who drew the Chickadee. However, I drew the Red bellied Woodpecker from a watercolour painting of the artist Myounghwa.

    The woodpecker is called red bellied even though one would have thought it should be named Red headed:)). But you can find red headed woodpecker is another species and looks quite different. These birds are sighted mainly in eastern United States and Canada. Hope these paintings inspire you to write a story on birds or even post a picture of a local bird.

  2. Red-bellied woodpecker,
    Your namer must have been a joker,
    Why has your belly gone to your head?
    Chickadee on a silver birch,
    That is a rather delicate perch,
    No matter, your wings stand you in good stead.

    1. Hi Nyuk

      I have answered why the woodpecker is named red bellied under the caption Story of Birds.

      Hope that helps


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