30th October 2022 Marilys and Beena



Hello everyone😊. Rise and shine like this painting from Marilys. She painted this on her laptop using an app. Nowadays, technology helps us in many ways. I can’t paint like this using an app as I have technophobiaπŸ˜’. Do you have phobias with using technology?


Many people have. Younger people are more confident and willing to risk making mistakes. But I am so nervous, especially if it is a new app and anything dealing with banks😨. I always feel if I will click on the wrong button or icon, that is it.


You will not believe it, but the whole page disappeared just as I was typing, the entire page disappeared. Fortunately, I managed to retrieve this page and continue typing my thoughts.


Fortunately for us, the sun will rise and set despite any new technology. The sun gives us the energy to face the day and sets with a beautiful vibrant sky.


I hope you enjoy my thoughts and the painting by Marilys😊😊😊.

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