The Indian Dancer

18th March 2024 Mathew & Beena


Hello, everyone. Today, I am posting work by my friend Mathew George. I am elated by his cross-stitch work of the Indian dancer. He used stranded cotton (Floss) on Aida cloth for this embroidery art. He has captured the beautiful nuance of the Bharatnatyam dance. He took four months to complete this exquisite work. Cross-stitch needs good vision and tenacity to complete what one has started.


Bharatnatyam is the oldest traditional dance from Tamil Nadu. Before it was named Bharatnatyam in 1932, it was known as Sadirattam. The colonial British government banned this form of dance in 1910. A single dancer performs the dance without a pause for two hours. The teacher is present on stage with the drums, drone, and singer orchestra throughout the performance.


My thoughts on his work: Like the Indian dancer, Mathew shows perseverance in his dedication to all his cross-stitch work. Bharatnatyam needs indefatigable practice and passion. It is not for the faint-hearted. Like most arts, training and commitment are rudimentary features. It is not surprising that he is a Plastic Surgeon😊. I hope all appreciate his work. Please post your thoughts, thank youπŸ˜ŠπŸ™.

5 thoughts on “The Indian Dancer

  1. The Indian dancer is a class apart the grace, poise,and the movement all in sync.his skills as a plastic surgeon is visible
    Great job Dr Mathew George!!!

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