The Sunflower


16th June 2024 Angela & Beena


Hello everyone😊. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you a captivating painting by Angela. This piece, created with the vibrant strokes of acrylic, depicts the timeless beauty of sunflowers. A subject that has inspired countless artists, each interpretation unique and a testament to the joy these flowers bring.


Angela’s painting exudes an impressionistic style. She has muted the yellow flowers to make them look mellow. If we go back in history, Vincent van Gogh painted those yellow sunflowers. Yellow was the new colour that allowed the spectrum to make more colours. Van Gogh painted sunflowers to show his gratitude. Sunflowers represent a better tomorrow. Before the Spanish introduced sunflowers to Europe, the native Americans were using the plant for food, building and for art. They extracted yellow and purple colours from the plant. It is a resilient plant and only creates positivity.


Across different cultures, the sunflower holds a myriad of meanings. In China, it symbolizes longevity, while in Ukraine and Russia, it represents peace and optimism. For the ancient Incan people, it was a tribute to their sun god Inti. In England, it signifies gratitude, and in Greece, it embodies loyalty and devotion. These diverse interpretations reflect the universal appeal and significance of this humble flower.


Angela’s sunflower painting is a masterpiece that evokes serenity and joy. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and interpretations on this beautiful artwork and the symbolism of sunflowers. Your insights are valuable to our readers. Thank you in advance for your contributions.🌻 🫠🙏

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