The Water Pitcher

19th August 2023  Dr Priyalatha Govindasamy


When I saw this watercolour painting, I had the following thoughts. Always keep in mind the significance of the water pitcher. Beauty requires both support and space to radiate; it finds these essential elements within the water pitcher. Quietly and consistently, the pitcher offers unwavering support to the flowers, allowing them to shine without discrimination.

Much like the water pitcher, it’s important for me to maintain a supportive stance towards everyone, regardless of their attitude towards me. Moreover, the water pitcher serves as a perpetual reminder of my everlasting gratitude for those who have aided me in shining throughout this journey. This invaluable lesson sets a positive tone to begin my day. 

1 thought on “The Water Pitcher

  1. Thanks Priya, for a thought-provoking musing😊🙏. I find it fascinating when others who view my art have such profound views. Our minds work in diverse but charming ways. That is what makes life so colourful. I hope you will contribute more to the website with your stories. That is the main the purpose of this website, to create more stories.

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