Time passes by……..but memories stay

29th May 2023 Mani and Beena


 I love how Mani has explained life’s different phases through his art on maple leaves. The maple leaves undergo ageing as part of their natural process. It comes to life, bright and cheerful abounds with tons of energy. With changing seasons, the leaves transform with different hues and provide tremendous joy to humans.


I don’t know about you guys, but I love to keep dried leaves in my books. It is something that I enjoyed doing as a young girl. Occasionally, when I pick a book, the mysterious leaf falls to the ground and makes me smile. I then reflect on that leaf. Where did I pick this leaf, was I with a friend or alone, or did a friend give me that leaf? That leaf takes me to another moment in my life for a short while. I would smile as often as they are happy memories 😊😊. I still have the rose that my mom gave me. I would love to read your thoughts, too😊.

4 thoughts on “Time passes by……..but memories stay

  1. Yes, its absolutely lovely to see a collection of dried leaves and flowers kept inside reading books. Kinds of bring out our life’s nostalgia. 📚💐

    1. Hi Srii,
      Memories keeps us alive, often we would forgive the negative ones even tho we have not forgotten them. We try to live by moving on learning from experiences. Leaves n flowers have dried between the pages of our books but memories linger….


  2. Lively art work and write up by Mani and uour story too Beena..I have always taken up by the shape, colour and texture of leaves and flowers..

  3. Dr Beena , nice little nostalgic story you have written Mani an excellent artist keeps revisiting his favorite subjects Maple leaves, Bamboo shoots in the back drop of the sun , Peepal leaves.the artcle has also a short write up on the delicate & philosophical subject thats posing an issue for every country worldwide …that of ageing, for the moment we will stick to the lovely shades in Manis Maple leaves good job Mani

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