Unforgettable First Day At Work

‌1st March 2022 Mr Nandakumar



Hello everyone, I have the great pleasure to introduce Mr Nandakumar. He has contributed a few of his paintings here. But today, he has written a story about his train ride😊.


“I landed at the train station at Palghat (now)Palakkad in January of 1982 at an unearthly hour. On arrival, I checked into a hotel on the first day at work. While at the check-in counter, the receptionist informed me that that day was bandh day. Now many may not be familiar with this strange phenomenon. It just means there is no work. All offices, shops and transport services come to a standstill. I was devasted to my core that this should happen on the first day of my work.


After a while, I enquired about any possibility of getting to work. Someone said that an early morning train would depart the station in an hour. I managed to get that with some biscuits and tea to give me sustenance for my journey. Most passengers were asleep on the train. So, I asked a co-passenger about getting to this place called Kuttipuram. He said I could hitch a ride in a jeep. It was a roller coaster ride that remained fresh in my mind. I still remember with great clarity that the driver had only one hand on the steering wheel with half his body out of the car seat. Not sure why people would drive like that? My heart was in my mouth.


I prayed to God to save him and my first working day😊. Suddenly the jeep stopped in front of a hospital. He gave me an annoying look, asked me to disembark, and drove off. I felt energised that I visited every doctor at the hospital. Some of them wished me a bright future. After I finished my work for the day, I returned to the station, grabbed some hot snacks and managed to secure a window seat.


It was then I noticed the vast stretches of paddy fields bordered by hills lush with green trees. In those days, there were no camera phones. I captured every scene and colour with my eyes and stored those memories in my brain😊. I never knew that one day I would paint those landscapes using digital art😊😊.


When I reached the hotel, my Superior (Boss) was waiting for me as he knew that I had left for work very early in the morning. I briefed him about what happened during the day. It was then my Boss said, “if you have achieved all this on a bandh day, you are here to stay…and stay I did for the next 38 years.”

A journey that began with a train ride to Palghat where despite all odds, I felt incredible. It was a beautiful moment that I would always cherish. Never let any obstacle stand in your way.”

13 thoughts on “Unforgettable First Day At Work

  1. First look i thought the painting was about a snow covered valley. Wow..can’t believe that this is the rice bowl of kerala. Superb art work.
    Keep going…

    1. You are not alone. I too thought the same. Nevertheless, the pastel shades give that illusion to that digital painting. Way to go Nandu:)

    2. Ms Shobha Panicker
      Even today if you want to see large areas under paddy cultivation visit Palakkad
      Noted your comments
      Will try to make it look more realistic shade, brightness, &color

  2. Thank you for your very own story, I truly enjoyed the dramatic adventure part and how you got to experience such a different kind of emotions on your return trip. I can only imagine how you feel recalling all this.

  3. Dear Bro Nandu,
    To say the least, capturing colours and details at a time when mobile cameras were not in use is commendable in itself. Later to transfer these images onto your canvas is art in itself.
    It’s a beautiful piece of work with detailing from memory.

  4. I have seen your integrity Nandu from very close quarters while we were together in the same organisation. This story sums up the bundle of strength you are and your love for your job…. and the paintings you create are a true treat to the eyes. Keep writing such great anecdotes which throw the actual feel of you as a human being. May God continue to bless you with abundant peace of mind, good health and gives you an opportunity every day to express.

    1. Dear Sree,
      I’m yet to see a motivator, if not greater, at least on par with you.
      This is the quality of highly successful Managers.
      May you continue to lead many more people to success after success
      I still cherish the Awards when we were a team.
      Thanks for your comments on the train journey
      I hope God will be kind enough to enable me to paint what he created & perhaps the add the story behind it

  5. Nandu sahab,Talent hidden remains latent without expression and manifestation .Post retirement is a time for unlocking the doors of artful talents on Canvas aswell as with Pen *****€£₹ which U have In Abundance to keep one Happy and thrill others that age is not a block but a lock to open with once latent or derived Talent .wishing many more Artful ventures days ahead

    1. Prem
      You are my guru,
      I have seen that in life you have been my friend, philosopher & guide, you have given me lot of tips
      Without the flamboyant head gear & peculiar mannerisms that makes them stand out in a crowd
      You are a rare breed
      Thanks for your comments

  6. Nandu has started to paint with his pen too.His maiden story is wonderfully simple and as attractive as his paintings.Time brings out the hidden talents in a person.
    Well done,expecting more wonderful creations.

    1. Post retirement there I was, sitting near the window with a blank canvas suddenly someone walked up pulled the curtains to bring in light, that someone went further to splash color on the canvas, then that person hands me a brush……… ……..That someone is YOU ….
      Thanks for every thing

  7. Train ride painting Dr Beena I’m still to get used to the screen brightness that a canvas cannot match so White clouds could be visualized as snow. I’m still working on brightness adjustment
    Thanks🙏 for the keen observation.

  8. Dear Nandu
    Heard of “painting a picture” in selling. Got engrossed in your narration and you literally painted the picture , was able to visualize your child-like energy which always struck me.
    Your post retirement stint is more creative . Eager to hear more anecdote and simultaneously a visual capture.
    Warm regards and respect

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