Unforgettable Tipu’s Fort

23 June 2023 Mr Nandakumar

 I painted Tipu’s fort which is a major landmark in Palghat as I have memories of my youth that I wish to cherish. In the early 80s five of us landed in Palghat after graduation for our jobs. We bonded like the Famous Five of Enid Blyton and we had our adventures. We shared our successes and failures during our meetings at the most famous eatery in town. Indian Coffee House was an icon. They offered hot tasty food which was affordable. We shared our jokes and made fun of each other. Those bachelor days were fun. We were all independent, earned good money, away from home with tons of freedom.

 Most weekends, we would visit the hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal and shop at Coimbatore. As English movies were the rage during those days, we would go to the movies regularly. Unfortunately, there was only one theatre that showed English movies. It was interesting that the screen had a stitch right across the vertical plane. The theatres always blared the music very loudly. Despite all that we loved every moment of it. At other times, we would hang out at the east gate of Tipu’s fort.

 However, as all things in life, nothing is permanent. We all parted ways for various reasons. Nevertheless, we caught up with each other just before covid and reminisced over our Tipu days. I hope we can meet again soon. This painting is a celebration of our Tipu days. Till then, I will keep those memories alive with this painting. Please do share the memories that you cherish forever.



6 thoughts on “Unforgettable Tipu’s Fort

  1. A nostalgic creation and narration of the good old days . There are so many memories of Palghat that gives lot of energy to our present life .

  2. It’s really nostalgic and refreshing to read your write-up and connect with the painting. Those abundant times ( lot of connect, lot of time & hearts content in what was available) are really even now the golden moment of our lives. Let’s endure to be connected again to rekindle those golden moments.

    1. Ramesh
      thanks for the wonderfull inspiration ,nostalgic because all these incidents happened nearly 5 decades ago thank god for blessing us with good memories.
      contentment with what we had those days,every thing was considered blessing including our friendship, if God wills we shall meet again

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