Vibrancy of Nature

7th July 2024 Kala & Beena


Hello, guys. Today, I wish to post a digital painting by Kala, a talented artist known for her vibrant and evocative works. She painted this harbour scene with these yachts against a brilliant sky, and the colours of the sky are reflected in the water. Kala’s use of colour and light in this painting is truly captivating.


I absolutely adore harbour scenes. They are a hub of activity contrasted with a relaxed vibe. Yachts are different from sailing boats. To be defined as a yacht, it must be 10 metres long. Both have amenities for overnight stays. We often equate yachts as pleasure, but they are used for cruising and racing.


I have an immense phobia of yachts or boats. I have been on small boats mainly for diving or going to other places. I have read about how people have fallen off boats and drowned. The sea is never predictable. The one which stayed in my mind is about a couple who always went sailing. But due to rough seas, the husband was injured, and they couldn’t seek help. The wife cared for him, but their food supply diminished with time. One day, when she woke up, she couldn’t find her husband on the yacht. Somebody saw her yacht and rescued her. The most likely reason could be that he rolled off the yacht to save his wife. This story left an indelible impact on me, which I carry with me whenever I see a boat or a yacht.


Nevertheless, the painting’s vibrant colours bring a sense of joy. I’m sharing it with you all, hoping it brings you as much joy as it did me. I truly hope you enjoy the painting as much as I did🤗🙏.

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