Zara & Mika – Small things in Life

Two cute companions by Dr Beena.

11 thoughts on “Zara & Mika – Small things in Life

  1. Lovely painting by my friend with 2 small precious things..Zara and Mika!. Thank you for sharing dear Beena.

  2. Hi Beena, as always, your drawing touches my heart. I Love the look on your face and the lively expressions on Zara and Mika. They are so lucky to have such a devoted and loving mistress like you.

  3. Zara and Mika are the adorable better halves of Dr Beena.They are picture perfect in real life.Beena relishes the unconditional love and support they give her.Now they seem to be inseparable,no painting of hers is complete without them.

  4. Pets are great companions as they give unconditional love and are non judgmental. They provide great support during times when we feel down. Hence I strongly recommend keeping a pet even a fish in an aquarium is great.☺️☺️☺️

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