A Field of Poppies

30th June 2024 Joy


I drew a poppy field after a friend requested it. The red poppy is a symbol of wartime remembrance for soldiers who died in war, in the US, UK, South Africa, Malta, etc.

John McCrae, a surgeon-soldier, composed the famous poem to commemorate fallen Canadian heroes called “In Flanders Field”. The battle was fought in a red poppy field.

Today, artificial poppies are seen worn on collar lapels, e.g., on ANZAC Day for Australia and New Zealand. These artificial poppies, called “Buddy Poppies,” are used in the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ veterans’ aid campaign, and veterans make model poppies in various aid programs for veterans and families.

We have the power to be a positive or negative influence.  Therefore, I present the poppy flower – as a symbol of bravery and solidarity.

2 thoughts on “A Field of Poppies

  1. Hi Joy

    Thank you for posting the lovely story of the vibrant poppy. We have the choice to always be a positive influence in our lives.


  2. Yes, I chose to remember the fallen soldiers and veterans rather than writing about the poppy flower being harvested for cocaine.

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