Essence of Life

18th April 2022 Mr Nandakumar

I painted the Pathmanabapuram Palace as it has a fascinating history. It was built in 1601CE by Iravi Varma and was the centre of the administrative power of the state of Travancore. It is one or maybe even the oldest palace in India. Later under King Anizham, the palace was rebuilt in 1750. In 1795, the capital shifted from here to Thiruvanthapuram, and Pathmanabapuram lost its former glory. However, it remains today as the best example of traditional Kerala Architecture.

This sprawling complex has many unique features. There is the 300-year-old clock that still keeps time. The bedstead in the King’s bedroom has 64 types of medicinal and herbal woods. It was a gift from the Dutch merchants. Chinese jars gifted by Chinese merchants fill an entire room. Exquisite 18th-century murals cover the walls. There is a hall that can hold a thousand people for ceremonial feasts. In addition, there is a secret passage in case the royal family needs to escape from enemies.

I wanted to post it on 11th April, World Parkinson’s Day. Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating illness due to a deficiency of dopamine. It is a slow disease that affects our mobility, and we have to depend on drugs to control the symptoms.

I have likened my painting of the famous palace to this illness. I added a few drops of water to create an effect of what dopamine deficiency causes. Despite that, the painting still holds its charm. The palace’s glory may have diminished, but it is still resplendent in her history. Likewise, people with Parkinson’s are still effervescent, and it is for others to sense it. The essence of life still goes on……

I hope you enjoyed this unusual story😊.

2 thoughts on “Essence of Life

  1. Hi Nandu

    Thank you for linking Parkinson’s disease that afflicts millions to your art. Hope many would be inspired by your art. Art heals and hence it should be part of therapy. One need not be an expert but it helps us to cope with whatever ailment that is happening to us. Many like me had fear of art like painting. However, I decided to plunge into an unknown territory. Sometimes taking challenges takes our focus away from our problems. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Hi Nandu,
    Beautiful piece indeed …you are an inspiration to the world at large especially to those afflicted by ailments but still perseveres to pursue their passion….. giving a larger meaning to the essence of life. May you continue to give cheer & hope to the many who need it and are able to take a leaf out of your work & life balance. Inspiring story indeed of grit & determination.

    God bless you Nandu.

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