Hoots and toots

27th May 2022 Dr Beena

Hello guys! Today I will discuss this Owl painting. Yeah, once again, it was a challenge. We had to paint this in abstract form and create the conceptual work by a free flow of the paint. That means we need to allow the paint to flow. I had already painted my owl with specific detail on the eyes, so I was very reluctant to spoil that with free-flowing paint☹☹. So instead, I turned the page upside down and let the paint flow in the direction I wanted. I did tell the art teacher that I would like to keep my focus on the eyes and let that speak to the audience. I drew the owl with a pen and highlighted the feathers. Then I used watercolour to enhance the effect.

I want to share the thoughts of Hwai Jen here as her comments inspired my musing for today. She remarked that the eyes look fiery and ferocious. The splashes of red in the background seemed to unsettle her. She felt that this little monster had killed some poor victim, or could the colours of autumn with the scarlet hues fill the background? Many of my male friends loved this owl. I am wondering, ” did they see the kill that the owl made?” Is it the hunter in them that comes to their minds? Contrary, my female friends were delighted by the details of the feathers and the expression of the eyes. One remarked that she saw mischief in the eyes😊😊. Others felt, it looked regal😊. Well, we can never gauge the thoughts beneath one’s gaze, right? Hmm, it does make me conclude about evolution. Females were gatherers, and males were hunters.

Owls are hunters and hunt their prey with stealth and precision. Then they hide their kill in safe places for later use. Now the word for that is caching. In addition, they share information with other owls about the best food places. Large owls hoot, and small owls toot😊. During the mating season, the males will sing songs to attract females. The female will listen to the many hoots or toots and respond to the one she likes😊😊. Then the male will show his prowess by flying and hanging upside down from the tree😊. Once they find their mates, the male will search for nests made by other animals. However, the females make the final decision about the nest😊😊.

I find many similarities between humans and owls. Many are positive ones. However, with the significant deforestation, not only will owls become extinct, we may not survive with rising temperatures☹☹. On that note, I would love to hear from the readers about these musings. Till then, have a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “Hoots and toots

    1. It all depends, many comments about this owl, some felt it looked fierce, others felt, it looked regal and others felt it looked like an eagle:)

    1. Guess what, I learnt so much about owls since I painted. So it is good to keep painting different subjects and adding dimension to knowledge:).

  1. Lovely absolutely great work you are no longer a self taught artist you are as good as A professional, stunning color combination piercing looks feathers that add dimension a touch of abstract keeps the bird supported
    πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘a good painting is worth a thousand wordsπŸ™‚πŸ‘Œ

  2. The main attraction in this painting is the eyes which look so real as if it’s a live bird.
    Owl usually active at night and Chinese believe it’s a “ghost” bird.
    Like this colorful painting.

    1. Hi Chiam

      In fact that was my main focus. I felt I need to get the eyes done as realistically as possible. Thanks

  3. It’s a masterpiece.I cannot find proper words to describe this creation.Simply marvellous.

  4. Dr Beena, It is amazing to learn that there are so many different techiniques of painting. This is a beautiful owl in the painting. I love the hues and its look, that look of mischief! I have a special affinity for owls, as they appear in many children stories. This painting brings back memories of those story times with my children: the owl in The Frog Song, the barn owl in Puddle Lane, Ollie the owl, etc. Owls are mysterious as they are seldom seen, being mostly nocturnal. I’ve only seen a real owl in a zoo. As I’m writing this, I suddenly recall that during my student days, my parents used to liken me to an owl, that I slept in the day and stayed awake at night πŸ˜† …. Thanks for sharing your painting and your musing.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Thats what keeps this site interesting for others. Its not only about painting but sharing of thoughts and ideas;)

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