Learning Never Ceases

20th July 2021 Dr.Beena

 Hello everyone, hope you are well and safe wherever you are. Let us begin with the above painting first. When I started painting, I had a reference photo of the flower that I was supposed to paint. However, when I completed it, it was well not the same as what I expected. I will explain. In this picture, I have used not only watercolour paints but also watercolour pencils. Are you surprised? Me too……:)

 Let me share how that serendipity occurred. On that day, I went to my favourite place to shop. You guessed it. The stationery shop where I bought some more brushes and paper. While I was there, I was chatting with the shop assistant and showed her some of my pictures. She asked me if I used colour pencils. I was so disappointed to think that the picture looked like I just used pencils:(. Then she explained to me about the special watercolour pencils that work like watercolour paints. Oh my gosh, she had my full attention. She explained how watercolour pencils are used as watercolour paints. Now I learnt something new. I was so excited. As soon as I reached home, I began my work and finished it by midnight. Yes, but I did take many breaks as I still need to prepare dinner for Zara and Mika. Do you get such moments when you can’t stop doing something?

 I had such moments before when I worked full time. I thought when I retired, I will not have many opportunities to learn more. I am so wrong. Let me share something that I learnt yesterday. Mika, the younger Shih Tzu, was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. As a puppy, she loved magazines for only one reason.  To tear them up:):). As a puppy, I have reprimanded her on many occasions. But she will pretend that she never heard it. Since early this year, I observed that she stopped tearing magazines and was not as rambunctious as before. Other pet owners assured me that Mika had matured into an adult. Mika became less playful. It was when she refused to eat full meals that I took her to the vet. I was devasted by her diagnosis. Anyway, since then, she has recovered.  When I saw the magazines’ pages strewn all over the floor, I was delighted. That made me realize how differently we react to the same situation. Mika taught me that when she is rowdy, she is well. So be glad when sometimes in life, we just want certain behaviours to persist, however annoying it may be. It shows we are alive, and that is fabulous.

 Since the last musing, I learnt something new in my art and also about my pet. So I know that if I wish to broaden my horizon, I can do it. We are always given chances. It is for us to utilize them the way we choose.

 By the way, I forgot to add something about my picture. It is supposed to be a Bromeliad flower. Do you think there is any resemblance? Let me know in the comment section. For those of you who have not seen a Bromeliad flower, please do a Google search. A small lesson for today……. Till the next musing, bye for now.

4 thoughts on “Learning Never Ceases

  1. I like the part when Mika returned to her mischief of tearing up magazines. It is better to have her busy in her mischief than to see her losing interest in her mischief as life slowly drains away.

    1. Hi Jen

      Spot on. Its better to accept with all the zest for life than being listless.

      Hope to hear your experiences.


  2. Lovely story and painting! Is it still called a painting if it’s done in pencils?😁 There is a flower that looks just like this in Australia, it’s a native of the land.

    1. Hi Terry

      When pencil is combined with watercolour it is called mixed media. I will post another one and explain it. Yea I think Bromeliads are there in Australia too. So you think there is some resemblance😁😁😁

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