5th May 2024 Ann Chin & Beena


Hello, everyone. I have shared a beautiful watercolour painting by Ann Chin. She has contributed her paintings to this website many times. This painting is a coastal scene in Mukah, Sarawak. Her painting captures coastal living with the fishing boats and the wooden house built on stilts. Mukah gets heavy rainfall every year, which may be the reason for the houses on stilts.

Mukah is a coastal town in Sarawak populated by a native Melanau tribe. It is located on peatland and is famous for sago and fish, especially red snapper. One of their most popular foods is Umai, served with sago pellets. Umai is a raw fish salad. Ulam is a salad with local vegetables and fruits eaten with sambal (a chilli paste made with chillies, ginger, lime, etc.).

I hope the readers learn about a place from her painting. Whenever I post a painting on this website, I become educated and hope it is the same for others🫠😊

3 thoughts on “Mukah

  1. This painting has captured the dark murky waters of the peat swamp and the sago palms beautifully. Mukah is also famous for the Mukah keropok and the dubious delicacy – sago worms. 😊 πŸ›

  2. The rustic feel has been captured so beautifully…love the reflections..the play of light and shadow in the water 😍😍

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