Owl The Teacher’s Pet

2nd June 2024  Joy


I painted this owl in watercolour and hope you enjoy reading my story🤗.

My painting of the owl led me to discover how a personality trait reveals character patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Therefore, I entitled this painting of the Wise Owl “The Owl, the Teacher’s Pet.”  So, why does the owl symbolise wisdom?


People think owls are wise for the same reason why they believe intelligent people wear glasses.  False🙃.  My glasses are reading glasses.  The bird’s bigger-than-usual eyes give the impression of high intelligence! 


Today, the owl is an icon, logo or brand featured in websites.  As I researched websites, one particular site caught my attention; ‘The Wise Owl’ – Literary. Creative. Aesthetic.  The Wise Owl team publishes a monthly e-magazine with podcasts and interviews of contributions of authors, artists, and poets.  Their works published are poetry, stories, books (audio and e-book) and art.   


When we persevere and use our skills, talents, and personality traits, each person plays their part in contributing to society. Owls are nature’s gift for us to Love and Enjoy😍🙏.

2 thoughts on “Owl The Teacher’s Pet

  1. Hi Joy

    Thank you for posting your story about your lovely watercolour painting of the Owl. I loved the strokes you used on the owl, and you brought out the owl’s curiosity very well.


  2. Not at all. Thanks for yr comments. I am glad for the opportunity to share this simple painting.


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