Sailing into the Sunset

12th September 2021 Ms Vasanthi Arasoo

This painting is another masterpiece by Dr. Beena. The huge sun setting and turning the sky into red, orange and yellow hues that reflect into the sea of blue is such a beauty to admire. Those in the lucky sailboats would have had a picturesque memory to behold and treasure forever.

Talking about the sunset makes all those idioms about sunsets come alive; both the joyous ones and the not so joyful ones. Let’s see if we can catch everything under the sun. Among the happy idioms are like riding off into the sunset  which brings about a positive note of achieving success in one’s pursuits. Wouldn’t all of us love to ride off into the sunset? Another equally adorable idiom is to think that the sun rises and sets on someone.  That would certainly be a wonderful thought for those full of admiration.

Whereas to head for the setting sun never actually meant to head for a beautiful view. It means to travel west where the sun sets in order to avoid trouble from the law! However, on a recent trip to Santorini, I vividly remember literally heading for the setting sun. This quaint and beautiful island is known for its famous sunset. The northern village of Oia was a popular place to watch the magnificent sunset in Santorini. The prime spot being on a slightly elevated hill in the middle of town at the edge of the iconic white buildings with blue domes. Never had I expected a whole battalion of tourists to head for the same spot during sunset! Shoulder to shoulder with strangers, the uphill journey on cobbled stone pavements began. Couldn’t stop for photo taking by the white buildings along the way if sunset was not to be missed. Just like time and tide waiting for no man, daily sunsets also waits for no one. Made it just in time for the majestic touch down amongst the crowd that had apparently come some three hours earlier to book the choicest spots.  Lesson learnt was not to seek for sunset at a place on a hillslope where there are a few hundred seekers. It takes away the magic of the moment though the colours were out of this world and the setting was simply awesome. There are so many places in the world to admire the majestic sunset and it would be a fantastic idea to sail away on a sailboat from dawn to dusk.

Getting back to idioms about sunset, let’s take a peek into the ones that unveil reality of a different kind. When we are in the sunset years of our life, its simply time to take things easy and enjoy the remaining years in peace. We should never let the sun go down on our anger and go to bed when we are angry with someone for it is best to make peace before our sun sets.

Let sunshine into your hearts and make hay while the sun shines. Never regret when it is too late as missing a sunshine will bring you into dusk. Always enjoy memories created under the sunshine and those captured by beautiful paintings.

8 thoughts on “Sailing into the Sunset

  1. What a beautiful read about idioms on sunset:). I always loved sunsets to sunrises. Maybe because I was never an early riser. Sunsets are always magical. The Sun gives us a gorgeous canvas daily before we retire for the day. We can never anticipate how magnificent it will be. That is the thrill of waiting for the sunset. But am sure it is the same for sunrise too.

    I have never been to Santorini. This painting was inspired by my friend who is currently sailing near Greece and enjoying daily sunsets:).

    May you keep sharing your travel stories with us. I felt that I was there with you enjoying the sunset:):).

    1. Thank you Dr Beena. So glad that it brought back thoughts of sunset. I can imagine the feeling of your friend in the yacht off the Aegean Sea. Must be one of peace and serenity.

  2. Thank you, thank you Vasanthi. Your story about the sunset made me start singing a song by one of my favorite Brazilian singers, Oswaldo Montenegro. The song is called “Sim”, which means “Yes”. Here it is, a poor translation to English from the original Portuguese lyrics:

    By Oswaldo Montenegro
    (Translated from the Portuguese)

    Yes, bells in the chapel
    someone is going to marry
    It’s not me or she
    but let’s dance

    Yes, like the sunset
    no one can do
    so that it will last

    Yes, if it is not forever
    it will stay forever
    so that we remember

    Yes, flowers in the window
    someone will pass by
    without looking at her
    but will remember her

    Yes, the smell of the flower
    that stayed in the wind
    that is no longer there

    Yes, if not forever
    It will stay forever
    so that we remember

    Yes, the smell of the flower
    that stayed in the wind
    that is no longer there

    Yes, if not forever
    It will stay forever
    so that we remember

    1. Thank you for translating the song. So glad to know that a story can bring memories of a song. I guess that is how our mind works in connecting things. The lyrics are so beautiful and am so glad that you translated a d shared it.

    2. Hi Allan

      Thank you for this meaningful song. Sunsets and sunrises are the natural daily wonders that are free for us to enjoy if we wish to. They are very therapeutic. It evokes many to reflect, take pictures, be happy or maybe sad:( but whatever some emotion will be felt. Am glad this picture that my friend sent me inspired me to paint.

      Cheers to many sunsets and sunrises

  3. Dear Vasanthi
    I must say your story was pretty deep. A beautiful description of the Dr Beena ‘s painting, the journey to see the sunset in the Greek island as well as the idioms. You are a creative writer I would say.
    I loved that painting of the distant sunset Dr Beena. The sky turns a golden hue and sea water simmmers. The painting captures the pure beauty of nature. I always enjoy watching the sunset. More so at the beach. Just love to lay back on that reclining chair on the beach and watch the sunset and the waves. It’s so relaxing.
    Vasanthi not only have you given a vivid description of the painting itself but also your seeking the famous sunset sight plus the idioms related to the sun. Well done Vasanthi.
    Dr Beena keep painting and be an inspiration for us budding writers.

    1. Hi Nila

      Am glad that you enjoy reading the stories here. I sincerely hope that you can write a story to any of the pictures . The more writers we have the more diversity in thoughts. Hope you would consider it. Let me know if there are any issues in uploading your story.

      Thank you

  4. Hi Nila,
    Thanks for the uplifting comment. Don’t we all enjoy the seaside and setting sunset? This painting surely brings about our inner feelings. I too hope you will write stories for us to read and get absorbed into Dr Beena’s paintings.

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