Strength in Numbers

2nd January 2024 Mr Nandakumar


I painted these elephants in watercolour. I love watching elephants. There is something majestic about how they stand and move, even in a group. They stay in groups to herd their young ones for food and safety. The group leader is a matriarch with about six to eight females who relate to each other. The male will leave by the age of fifteen due to musth. This is a natural behaviour due to hormonal changes, the need to procreate and dispersion of genes, and the continuation of the species. I didn’t know much but learnt this to write my little story here☺️☺️.


Nevertheless, I find in the animal kingdom, the preservation of genes is crucial, unlike in humans. With birth rates going down in many developed countries, specific genes may be lost in years to come. In the animal kingdom, staying in groups helps in survival. I don’t know if this applies to humans. Humans thrive being around like-minded people☺️🙏. As artists, we tend to appreciate the work of others. However, I know it was not the same for Van Gogh, pleading to be accepted by his peers, especially Paul Gauguin. The irony is today, Van Gogh is well known, unlike Gauguin. You can read more about this story online☺️.

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