Sunflower, the Symbol of Hope and Peace

1st June 2024 Beena

Hello everyone, I posted the “Sunflower” by Gustav Klimt that I did with colour pencils. I had tons of comments from ‘Why were you so stingy with the size of the sunflowerπŸ˜“ to It is so mesmerising 🫠‘. As this was a classwork project, I didn’t have the liberty to draw the sunflower that we always recognised. Nonetheless, I was curious as to the reason why Klimt painted the sunflower in that way.


In this piece, the sunflower stands tall, its leaves flowing like the iconic figures in Klimt’s’ The Kiss’. The plants at the base of the leaves are meticulously arranged, adding a touch of elegance. My friend, Suchi, described my art as ‘a lady with flowing robes’, a description I find fitting. The sunflower’s slight droopiness adds a sense of shyness to the overall composition. I think that when Klimt painted, the drooping head of the sunflower resembles the head of an elegant lady who droops her head under the gaze of her lover😍. I hope I have answered why I drew a small flower headπŸ˜ŽπŸ™ƒ.


The sunflower depicts hope, happiness, loyalty, adoration, and, more importantly, peace. In the morning, sunflowers face east and move with the sun. However, they face only east when they are heavy with seeds in autumn.


This art classwork took ten hours to finish. Colour pencils are challenging when creating an effect. To get the 3D impact, I had to begin layering colours with a light touch and slowly add more colours to blend in. It is essential to keep the tooth of the paper intact. Pressing the pencils too hard from the start makes it virtually impossible to layer without muddying the colours. For me, this class was like being in a meditative state. Hence, I recommend this type of art if you wish to meditate.


I hope you enjoyed my musings and the artwork. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to your commentsπŸ€—πŸ™.

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