Wave and the Masking Fluid

5th September 2021 Dr Beena

Hello Everyone

Time for another musing. Hmm, since my little toe fractured, I am grounded☹. Well, with the pandemic, most of us are homebound☹. Thus, you know what I will be doing. Yes, painting and writing my musings.

This painting is about a big wave. I was nervous about this one. Firstly, I need to apply masking fluid for the spray part of the wave. Now, there is a technique to put on masking fluid. Well, I had to make corrections when I finished the painting. It didn’t turn out the way the waves should appear. Hmmm, looks like I need more practice to put on masking fluid😊. This painting is from a tutorial by Karen Rice.

I have always loved the sea. I would stand at the edge of the beach and let the gentle waves play with my feet. I just love the gentle caress of the sea. Most of us love that feeling, don’t we? However, are we that comfortable with giant waves? I am certainly not that brave. It was the same with this painting. I struggled to get the waves as realistic as I could.

Then it occurred to me. Everything about life is about waves. For example, hunger comes in waves. Similarly, fear, anguish, excitement, happiness, sadness and many other human emotions come in waves. Gosh, I just realized it😊. The intensity of the wave changes just like the sea. We can manage gentle waves but facing huge waves is something else. Nevertheless, have you observed with time, even a giant wave will lose its intensity and become a gentle wave once it crashes😊. Hence, when we are gripped by an emotional giant wave, take deep breaths, and say it will pass😊.

Sea waves are fascinating for surfers. They love these waves to chase them. The bigger the wave, the better😊😊. Artists love to paint waves as it is challenging. So, there are always many facets to the same matter. Either we accept or discard that challenge to choose an easier route. With ageing, I have realized one can choose one’s path.  Only we know our limitations. There is no need to mask that hidden flaw. Time aids to build strength. When you are ready, face that challenge. Until the next time, bye for now😊. Phew, too philosophical today!! Hey please give your thoughts on the wave, would love to read them😊.

28 thoughts on “Wave and the Masking Fluid

  1. The crashing wave looks so realistic, love the depth in it – makes it seem like it is naturally curving around the rock!
    I am a born thalassophile and can spend hours either playing “catch me if you can” with the waves that flirt with the beach or gaze softly at the moving water and changing skies. Back home, as the sun sets, the horizon glimmers with lights from the fishermen’s boats – it’s like the stars have come down to line the end of the sea and the beginning of the sky.

    Your writing has given me a new perspective on feelings, I’ve never thought of them as waves! Especially as I am someone who tends to act on an emotion almost as soon as it hits me! I should wait for the crash to subside and take the time to process the emotion πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re not in too much pain πŸ™
    Get well soon. Best time to work on more paintings πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Terry

    Thank you for your perspective on waves. I suppose my toe fracture is also a waveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. So that I slow down and paint and write.

    Hope that you too continue to writeπŸ˜€.

    Take care

  3. I love to hear the sound of the waves.It makes you feel calm and relax.The earlier article about Abenaki was very informative and interesting,thanks to you again

    1. I suppose listening to waves does soothe one’s senses. When I was young I used to visit my aunt who lived near the sea. The whole day you hear the waves. But at night it becomes louder. But it does make you go to sleep.Am glad I wrote about waves.


  4. Love your painting dear. What i love most are the birds waving its wings in the sky. And Beena yet another incredible wave of musing. Another way to wave the discomfort of your toe.
    Everything around I suppose..at its energy level is a wave. And when the wave stops it is vacuum…. just musing until then… Tatta πŸ‘‹ wave

    1. Haha Shobha you made me laugh reading your comment. Bird waving its wings. Again another wave. I suppose we cant escape from.wavesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Waves are really a soothing phenomena.Even with closed eyes we can visualize its beauty.The sounds of the waves can induce tranquility and sleep.
    Beena has matured to a very professional painter,though late ,her talents are blooming everyday.Hoping one day she can have a gallery of her own paintings.

  6. Thank you for supporting me from the start.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Glad that musing on waves seem to create wavesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. Such a beautiful painting Dr Beena. Missing the sea and the sound of waves very much during this lockdown phase of life. Like your musings about everything in life coming in waves. Hope the Covid wave ends soon. Take care and keep drawing.

  8. when we are gripped by an emotional giant wave, take deep breaths, and say it will pass
    – Well said .
    You’ll love to see waves from shore but hate it when you’re in small boat.

    1. How perfectly said. Waves are fine when you not in it like the boatman. It can be very scary. Liked that perspective.

  9. Fascinating. I had never heard of the masking technique in painting. Also, the parallels you make between waves and emotions had never occurred to me before-but now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense!!


    1. Haha Allan am trying to share what I do in each painting. I feel I am learning something new with each painting and maybe there are others who may wish to know thatπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž

  10. Love the painting and the philosophy behind it. The stages of this world keep changing just like the waves in this painting. I love the sea and the feeling of chasing endless waves. The rock depicts me and the waves in different strength that hit me are just like all challenges in Life. Being able to face challenges make one stronger. Get well soon and you can dip your toes under little waves! πŸ€—

    1. Ah didnt realise that you to are a thallosophile( learnt a new word from Terry)😢.
      Yes you have different challenges and glad to read that you could relate to my painting.

      Yea hoping my toe heals soon😎 maybe can go to a beach then and watch real waves.

    1. Yes, I know you are facing a giant wave now, but hey soon it will become a gentle wave and you can relax. How about that?:)

  11. The painting is spectacular Beena – the waves, rocks, everything. Glad that you are experimenting with new methods of painting. Also love your connection between feelings ebbing and flowing in waves just like the waves of the ocean. Keep painting, I know how happy it makes you:) Hugs!

    1. Yes thats why I keep painting. My thoughts on waves hmmm not sure but it happened as I was writing. I find great similarity between art n lifeπŸ™„πŸ™„

  12. Beena.. congratulations. That’s a beautiful and vibrant painting. Especially the spray from the crashing wave makes one feel that one can almost hear it .. excellent. And as a painter , your journey has been simply amazing.
    Your commentary, especially the occurrences of everything as waves .. How true . Waiting for more …

    1. 🀣🀣the journey of me trying to paint is like the wave. I had great support from friends including you to encourage me to paint. This second journey of writing to what I paint also depends on the readers interest tooπŸ˜’. Hope all of you will continue the tremendous support.



  13. Awesome depiction of the waves, Beena. Always loved and lost myself in beaches enjoying the waves; never did think about the waves the way you shared! Thanks a lot for the new positive vision :

    1. Hi Savithri

      Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the musing on waves. I find art rather therapeutic and would recommend to others tooπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

      Take care

  14. The froth and spray of your crashing wave are quite spectacular. To think it involves the use of masking fluid! I’ve just learnt something new.
    It’s so true about what you said about a giant wave will reduce in intensity once it crashes. If we can’t ride the surf we’ll just have to take that big breath and resurface and pick up the pieces after the wave recedes.

    1. Haha, Nyuk you added a dimension, take a deep breath and resurface and pick up what you left off. Yea I find the similarities to nature astounding. Nature is our teacher if we choose to learn from her ( or should I be gender-neutral and it?) However, for some quirky reason we always tend to ignore nature. Since I picked up art, as various aspects of nature are often taught in tutorials. I am gradually learn the delicate balance that we are striking with nature.

      On that masking fluid technique, it is new to me too. So I too am evolving with new techniques.

      Hope to read your story too:)

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